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This page provides information regarding Colorado's correctional facilities and procedures, community corrections, offenders who are mentally ill, and parole.

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House Judicary Committee 


Senate Judicary Committee


Staff Contacts:

Bo Pogue

Conrad Imel


Issue Briefs

Colorado Juvenile Justice Systems (2013) 


DNA Laws (2009)


Persons with Mental Illnesses in the Criminal Justice System (2008) 


Summary of Major Corrections Legislation


2013 2010
2012 2009


Bill Tracking


Bills Affecting the Department of Corrections (2010)


Juveniles in the Criminal Justice System (2008)  


Staff Reports and Publications

Background Information on Intensive Supervision Programs and Parole (2013)


Services Provided by the Department of Corrections to Inmates (2012)


Overview of the Adult Criminal Justice System (2007) 

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