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House Judiciary

The House Judiciary Committee considers matters concerning courts and judges, civil liberties, Colorado's constitution, revision of the Colorado Revised Statutes, the correctional system and prison facilities, juvenile justice, and homeland security.  The committee also has legislative oversight responsibility for the Department of Corrections, the Department of Law, the Department of Public Safety, the Judicial Department, and the Governor's Office of Homeland Security.


Committee Members

Bob Gardner, Chair

Mark Barker, Vice-Chair


Brian DelGrosso

  Pete Lee  

Su Ryden


Crisanta Duran

  B.J. Nikkel  

Jerry Sonnenberg


Daniel Kagan

  Dan Pabon  

Mark Waller






Staff Contact:  Jessika Shipley  *  Phone: (303) 866-3528


2012 Committee Schedule

Meeting Days
Meeting Information


All Day

HCR 0107 


Bills and Fiscal Notes 

 (Access Instructions) 

Meeting Summaries and Votes

  (Access Instructions)  


1:30 PM

HCR 0107





Publications of Interest

Joint Budget Committee 

JBC FY 2012-13 Staff Budget Briefing for the Department of Corrections

  JBC FY 2012-13 Staff Budget Briefing for the Department of Human Services, Divisions of Child Welfare, Child Care, and Youth Corrections


JBC FY 2012-13 Staff Budget Briefing for the Judicial Department


JBC FY 2011-12 Staff Budget Briefing for the Department of Law


JBC FY 2012-13 Staff Budget Briefing for the Department of Public Safety, all Divisions except Criminal Justice


JBC FY 2012-13 Staff Budget Briefing for Department of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Justice

Department of Corrections

Department of Corrections Fiscal Year 2010-11 Statistical Report


Youthful Offender System Annual Report (FY 2009-10)


Lifetime Supervision of Sex Offenders Report (November 1, 2010)

  2010 Report on Psychotropic Medication Program for Community-based Offenders with Mental Illness


Monthly Population and Capacity Report (as of November 30, 2012)

Judicial Department

Judicial Branch Fiscal Year 2010-11 Statistical Report 

Department of Public Safety

Crime and Justice in Colorado 2008-2010

Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice Findings, Recommendations and Proposed Plan for the Ongoing Study of Sentencing Reform (2009)


Information Collection and Analysis of Parole Board Decisions: Progress Report (November 1, 2011)

Department of Regulatory Agencies 2011 Sunset Review for the Bail Bonding Agents and the Licensing of the Bail Bond Advisory Committee
  2011 Sunset Review for the Colorado Cold Case Task Force

Governor's Office of Homeland Security

State of Colorado Homeland Security Strategy



Legislative Bill Tracking

Summary of Major Legislation





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