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The Colorado Joint Legislative Library is one of the Colorado Legislative Council staff sections. The primary mission of the Colorado Joint Legislative Library is to provide non-partisan library services and resources to members of the General Assembly and their staffs, Legislative Council staff and Legal Services staff, other governmental agencies, and members of the public.  By recognizing the Colorado Legislative Council's vision, goal, and purpose, the library staff is committed to completing research and informational requests with objectivity, professionalism, timeliness and efficiency, while preserving the institutional integrity of the Colorado General Assembly.


Early in the twentieth century, Charles R. McCarthy of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau recognized the important and unique role of legislative reference services within the legislative and governmental environment.  As a result, each state legislature has a legislative library that provides research and reference services, and the Colorado Joint Legislative Library is a member of this nationwide network.  The library has grown from its humble beginning in 1954 as a single bookshelf and a few boxes of materials, to the current collection of over 5,600 print and electronic resources.



Location & Mailing Address Hours


200 East Colfax
State Capitol Building, Room 048
Denver, CO  80203-1784

Phone: (303) 866-4011



8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Monday - Friday  






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