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The Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice was created by HB07-1358 (see Enabling Legislation & Mandates).  Some of the recommendations generated by the Commission result in legislation. The acts (bills signed into law) derived from, inspired by, or related to Commission recommendations are provided below with the more recent bills listed first. Other bills signed into law that mandate or suggest actions by the Commission may be found here (at the Enabling Legislation & Mandates page).
Bill # by Year Bill Topic Document
House Bill 14-1266 Penalties for Certain Value-Based Offenses
House Bill 14-1355 Department of Corrections Re-Entry Initiatives for Successful Integration of Adult Offenders into the Community
(Note: This bill was not initiated by CCJJ, but addresses several CCJJ Recommendations from FY 2008.)
Senate Bill 14-129 Changes to Criminal Provisions Related to Marijuana
Senate Bill 14-163 Clarifying Changes to Provisions Related to the Sentencing of Persons Convicted of Drug Crimes
(Note: This bill is related to and provided clarifying changes to previous CCJJ-derived, Senate Bill 2013-250 on drug sentencing.)
Senate Bill 14-212 Clarifying Changes to the Provisions Related to Best Practices in Bond Setting
(Note: This bill was not initiated by CCJJ, but clarifies a previous CCJJ bill, HB13-1236, on evidenced-based bond practices.)
Senate Bill 14-215 The Disposition of Moneys Collected by the State in Connection with the Legal Marijuana Industry
(Note: This bill was not initiated by CCJJ, but includes elements of a CCJJ recommendation.)
House Bill 13-1021 Compliance with Compulsory School Attendance, Limits on Detention for Truancy, and Education Services in Juvenile Detention Facilities
House Bill 13-1129 Creation of the Evidence-Based Practices Implementation for Capacity Center
House Bill 13-1156 Creation of an Adult Diversion Program
House Bill 13-1160 Clarify and Consolidate Theft Offenses and Revise Theft Offense Sentencing Options
House Bill 13-1236 Evidence-Based Practices regarding Pre-Release from Custody
House Bill 13-1325 Penalties for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
(Note: House Bill 2013-1114 was introduced on January 18, 2013 and was "postponed indefinitely" on April 22. A duplicate bill was introduced May 2 as House Bill 2013-1325 and it passed May 7.)
Senate Bill 13-229 Criminal Omnibus Bill
(Note: Particular sections in the bill were derived from CCJJ recommendations:
Section 5. Clarification of Juvenile Petition for Sex Offense De-Registration.
Sections 9 & 10. Clarify Offense Class for Specific Juvenile Escapes from Community Facilities.)
Senate Bill 13-250 Changes to Sentencing of Persons Convicted of Drug Crimes
Senate Bill 13-266 Create a Statewide Coordinated Mental Health Response System
(Note: This bill was not initiated by CCJJ, but includes elements of a CCJJ recommendation.)
House Bill 12-1213 Penalty for Escape from Specific Facilities
House Bill 12-1310 Changes to Statutory Provisions related to Criminal Proceedings
(Note: Several criminal justice bills were appended to this bill. See Sections 35 for an item related to a CCJJ recommendation.)
House Bill 12-1346 Sex Offender Registration (Offenders with No Fixed Residence)
House Bill 11-1064 Parole Presumption Pilot Program for Certain Drug Offenders
House Bill 11-1138 Sex Offender Management Board
(Note: The CCJJ monitored the development and progress of and provided feedback on the bill.)
House Bill 11-1167 Petition Process for the Sealing of Certain Drug Offenses
House Bill 11-1189 Bail Bond Conditions for Subsequent Substance Abuse Driving Arrrests
House Bill 11-1239 Fiscal Note Information for Certain Bills Related to Criminal Offenses
House Bill 11-1268 Penalties for Traffic Offenses Involving Alcohol and Drugs
(Note: This CCJJ bill was a follow-up to a previous CCJJ bill, HB10-1347.)
House Bill 11-1278 Sex Offender Registration
Senate Bill 11-096 Excluding a Class 6 Felony Drug Possession Conviction as a Qualifying Offense for the Habitual Criminal Statute
House Bill 10-1081 Money Laundering
(Note: This bill, inspired by work from the CCJJ Drug Policy Task Force, was officially fostered by the Attorney General's Office.)
House Bill 10-1112 Correctional Education and Vocation Programs
(Note: This bill was not initiated by CCJJ, but includes elements of a CCJJ recommendation.)
House Bill 10-1215 Cash Bond Deposits to Satisfy Outstanding Court-Ordered Debt
(Note: This bill partially addressed CCJJ Recommendation FY2008-#L-9.)
House Bill 10-1338 The Eligibility for Probation of a Person who has Two or More Prior Felony Convictions
House Bill 10-1284 Regulation of Medical Marijuana
(Note: This bill was not initiated by CCJJ, but includes elements of a CCJJ recommendation.)
House Bill 10-1347 Misdemeanor Penalties for Persons who are Convicted of Multiple Traffic Offenses Involving Alcohol of Drugs
House Bill 10-1352 Drug Sentencing Reform
House Bill 10-1360 Changes to Certain Parole-Related Statutes to Reduce the Number of Parolees Who Return to the Department of Corrections
(Note: This bill was not initiated by CCJJ, but includes elements of a CCJJ recommendation.)
House Bill 10-1373 Sentencing Changes for Escape Crime
House Bill 10-1374 Changes to Parole
House Bill 09-1044 Expungement of Specific Juvenile Criminal Record
House Bill 09-1122 Increase Age of Eligibility for YOS
House Bill 09-1262 Issue Summons Instead of Arrest Warrant
House Bill 09-1263 Time Deductions Corrections County Jail
House Bill 09-1264 Higher Education Costs for State Inmates
House Bill 09-1266 Loss Driving Privileges Criminal Offenses
House Bill 09-1351 An Increase in the Amount of Time an Inmate May Have Deducted from the Inmate's Sentence
Senate Bill 09-006 ID Processing Units in Detention Facilities
(Note: This bill, spearheaded by the Mentally Ill Inmates Task Force of the Metro Area County Commissioners, relates to CCJJ Recommendation FY2008-#BP-50.)