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CO Department of
Public Safety

700 Kipling Street #1000
Denver CO 80215 USA
Tel: 303.239.4400
Fax: 303.239.4670

About CCJJ

The mission of the commission is to enhance public safety, to ensure justice, and to ensure protection of the rights of victims through the cost-effective use of public resources. The work of the commission will focus on evidence-based recidivism reduction initiatives and the cost-effective expenditure of limited criminal justice funds.

The Commission Shall Have the Following Duties:

  • To conduct an empirical analysis of and collect evidence-based data on sentencing policies and practices, including but not limited to the effectiveness of the sentences imposed in meeting the purposes of sentencing and the need to prevent recidivism and re-victimization;
  • To investigate effective alternatives to incarceration, the factors contributing to recidivism, evidence-based recidivism reduction initiatives, and cost-effective crime prevention programs;
  • To make an annual report of findings and recommendations, including evidence-based analysis and data;
  • To study and evaluate the outcomes of commission recommendations as implemented;
  • To conduct and review studies, including but not limited to, regarding work and resources compiled for other policies and practices in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. The commission shall prioritize areas of study based on the potential impact on crime and corrections and the resources available for conducting the work. The commission shall include among these areas of study the reduction of racial and ethnic disparities with the criminal and juvenile justice systems; and
  • To work with other state-established boards, task forces, or commissions that study or address criminal justice issues.