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Childcare Fostercare Licensed

(Not including County Foster care)

FEE: $39.50 - Colorado and Nationwide fingerprint based Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) search.

Fingerprint based Criminal History Record Information search:

Type information or print legibly in BLACK ink.

All fingerprint CHRI search cards must be filled out completely with the following information in the corresponding fields:

  • Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Sex, Race, Height, Weight, Eyes, Hair (Please use 3 letters abbreviations for eyes and hair – Ex: Brown = Bro, Blue = Blu)
  • CTZ - Fee (Amount listed at the top of the page) must be paid by Money Order or other Certified Funds Check. (Make check payable to Colorado Bureau of Investigation.) Personal checks are not accepted.
  • OCA – CONCJ**** or the County Human Services Department.
  • Employer and Address - Name of facility requesting the CHRI search including the complete mailing address. *** See Additional Information
  • Reason Fingerprinted - Licensed childcare foster care CRS 26-6-107
  • MNU - Daycare License number which is 5-10 numbers (Mandatory)


If any of the above information is missing or incomplete, the request will be returned.


*** Additional Information: Department of Human Services regulates all the requirements for daycare agencies. For additional information you can access their website through the Related Links button.

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