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Agent in Charge: Dan Volz

Phone Number: (303) 813-5708

Email: Dan.Volz@state.co.us

Supervisor: James Spoden, Concealed Handgun Permit Unit

Phone Number: (303) 813-5702

Email: james.spoden@state.co.us

Supervisor: Becky Shoe, Appeals Unit

Phone Number: (303) 813-5700 Option 2

Supervisor: JoAnne Barry, InstaCheck Unit

Phone Number: (303) 813-5700 Option 5

Supervisor: Alla McRae, InstaCheck Unit

Phone Number: (303) 813-5700 Option 5

Supervisor: Maria Ledger, InstaCheck Unit

Phone Number: (303) 813-5700 Option 5


General Firearms Background Check Information: (303) 813-5700, select option "1"

Appeals Unit: (303) 813-5700 - select option "2"

Concealed Handgun Permits: (303) 813-5700 - select option "3"

Billing Information: (303) 813-5700 - select option "4"

All Other Questions - (303) 813-5700 - select option "5"


General Fax Number: (303) 813-5759

Appeals Fax Number (303) 813-5758

The InstaCheck Unit is responsible for ensuring that proper procedures, along with state and federal guidelines are adhered to and followed by all citizens wishing to purchase a firearm. The InstaCheck Unit performs comprehensive background investigations into each and every firearm purchase, as well as reviews all concealed weapon permit applications, helping to promote gun safety within the State of Colorado. For Additional Information about the services provided by InstaCheck please visit the "Available Resources" link in the left navigation bar. Thank you for visiting CBI InstaCheck.

Mailing Address

Colorado Bureau of Investigation/InstaCheck/CHP Unit
P.O. Box 280629
Denver, CO 80228-0629