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State Clearinghouse Activities

Develop and present specialized training programs to criminal justice and youth service professionals.

Provide information regarding cases originating in Colorado to the NCMEC for inclusion in the national directory of missing and abducted children.

Provide and ensure follow-up on all missing children cases originating in other states but linked to Colorado in some way.

Provide information to out-of-state agencies concerning applicable Colorado State laws, relevant agency interrelationships, and recovery procedures.

Help reunite missing children with their lawful parent or guardian by establishing cooperative mechanisms with other state clearinghouses.

Act as a clearinghouse for photographs of missing children and cooperate with those who wish to publicize these photographs.

Assist in the preparation of missing children bulletins and their distribution to law enforcement agencies and school districts.

Counsel citizens and business groups on how they may respond to the plight of missing children.

Attempt to locate abductors by completing nationwide automated record and file searches and interacting with other organizations, agencies, or groups that may be instrumental in locating missing children.

Coordination of the AMBER Alert Program and the Missing Senior Citizen and Person with Developmental Disabilities Alert Program.


Missing Children Statistics

2009 Annual Report

Introduction State Clearinghouse Activities Responsibilities Definitions
Facts of Intrest Contributing Support
Missing Children Entries
Circumstances of Missing Children
Activity Report Day Count of Missing Children Age, Sex, and Race of Missing Children Time Last Seen Count
Circumstance of Recovery Annual Reports 1998-2008