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Missing Persons Statistics Facts

An average of 39 children are reported missing every 24 hours in Colorado.

In comparison to all other days of the week, more children were reported missing on Friday.

In comparison to all other months, more children were reported missing in April.

Most children are repored to have been missing from inside their residence. This may include a family home, non-profit residential group home, foster home or residential treatment facility.

Most reported missing children are between 15 and 16 years old. There are more females reported missing than males.

Information in this report was provided to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) by local law enforcement agencies using the CCIC automated information system. Each report filed with the local agency is entered into the CCIC computer as a separate case. The numbers reflect cases as opposed to actual missing children; i.e., some children may have been reported missing, recovered and subsequently missing once more. Also, because this data is based only on reports, the Unit has no way of identifying those children who have not been reported to local authorities by parents, legal guardians, or subsequently by law enforcement to the CBI.

Missing Children Statistics

2009 Annual Report

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