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Missing Persons Statistics Definitions

CCIC - Colorado Crime Information Center

Kidnapped - A person who is missing under circumstances indicating that the disappearance is not voluntary and who has been abducted by a stranger or non-family member.

Lost - A person who is presumed to have wandered away and has become lost and unable to return to a known location.

Missing Child - A child whose whereabouts are unknown, whose domicile at the time he was first reported missing was Colorado, and whose age at the time he was reported missing was seventeen years or younger.

NCIC - National Crime Information Center

NCMEC - The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Non-Custodial Abduction - The taking of a child by the non-custodial parent or family member, with the intent to deprive the legal parent or guardian possession of that child.

Runaway - An unemancipated juvenile who has left the home environment without a parent's or legal guardian's permission. (Classified as non-suspicious for statistical purposes.)

Suspicious - A person who is missing with insufficient information to enable placing the record in any other probable category.


Missing Children Statistics


2009 Annual Report

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