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How To Receive Notices of Upcoming Hearings

In an effort to ensure that all interested persons receive notices of Colorado Water Quality Control Commission hearings the Commission office has developed a database associating persons/entities with the regulations they are interested in. When a hearing notice is prepared for a regulation, everyone linked to that regulation receives a notification by email or letter.


The application below includes a list of all Commission regulations and policies. To be added to the Commission's notice distribution database, simply complete the form and email it to the Commission office at cdphe.wqcc@state.co.us. Alternatively, you can mail the completed form to the Water Quality Control Commission, 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Denver, Colorado 80246. It is important that any hand-written forms be legible. We suggest that interested persons who respond through the mail either type their contact information or use a return-address label.


Application to receive hearing notices:


Your opinion is important to us.  If you have comments regarding this information, or wish to have additional information included, please email us at cdphe.wqcc@state.co.us.