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Facility Design and Approval


Design Plans

Drinking Water and Water Pollution Control facility design reviews are conducted by the Engineering Section.  Facility approval is required by the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations (on Water Quality Control Commission website) and Colorado Water Quality Control Act (on Water Quality Control Commission website). 

When do Systems need a Drinking Water Design Review?             
When do Systems need a Wastewater Design Review?
  • must be a public water system
  • all projects receiving State revolving Funds
  • must be a Domestic Wastewater Treatment Works
    • must be equal to or greater than 2,000 gpd capacity
    • cannot be Industrial or Stormwater
  • all projects receiving State Revolving Funds
Types of Drinking Water Reviews Types of Water Pollution Control Reviews
  • new waterworks
  • improvements or modifications of treatment process to existing waterworks
  • new source including re-drilled wells
  • new storage facility
  • construction of a New Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • modifications to exisitng domestic wastewater treatment facilities
  • construction of new or modified Lift Stations
  • construction of interceptor sewers
  • proposed capacity re-ratings (increases or decreases) with or without constuction
  • partial or full change in discharge type
  • Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) aka Septic Systems
Other Types of Drinking Water Reviews Other Types of Wastewater Reviews
  •  Pilot Studies
  • Alternative Technology Reviews
  • In-Kind Replacements
  •  Pilot Studies
  • Alternative Technology Reviews
  • In-Kind Replacements


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