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GIS Data and Maps


Map of South West United States


Multiple programs within the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) utilize

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies in order to visualize, update, integrate, manage

and analyze spatial data pertaining to the well-being of Colorado's public health and environment.


The Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) uses GIS technologies to:


  • Provide valuable data to the public in the form of ArcGIS Online maps.
  • Update, maintain, and report to the EPA important data about the quality of the water of Colorado.
  • Gather GPS location information for critical water distribution and wastewater infrastructure.
  • Respond to spills and other emergencies.
  • Assist development plans for impaired waters.
  • Assist with the development of Standards related to Colorado's waters.
GIS Data

Please note:  if you suspect that you have found an error, at a minimum, we need the following:

Object ID of the segment, water body ID of the segment and the potential correction.


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