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Source Water Assessment Reports Narrative

About the Assessments


The source water assessment report provides a screening-level evaluation of the likelihood that a potential contamination problem could occur rather that an indication that a potential contamination problem has or will occur. The results are NOT a reflection of the current quality of the untreated source water, nor are they a reflection of the quality of the treated drinking water that is supplied to the public. In addition, it should be noted that the assessment results are provided as a “starting point” for public water systems to evaluate their individual systems potential contaminant risks. The public water systems have identified some data inconsistencies and are encouraged to address “their” priority contaminant concerns through a source water protection planning effort.


In some cases, the assessment report for a public water system has not been posted to the web site due to problems arising from inconsistent data or omission of certain information from the analysis. The Water Quality Control Division is in the process of incorporating the corrected information and re-running the assessment for the affected public water systems and anticipates making the final assessment reports available to the public by the end of the year. If you cannot download the assessment report for your water system at this time, please check this web site periodically to see if the report has become available.


The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment-Water Quality Control Division’s (Division) Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) program is pleased to provide the following source water assessment results for Colorado’s public water supplies. The results presented in these assessment reports are the first of their kind and are the culmination of an intensive four-year effort by the Division and its contractors to assess the potential susceptibility to contamination of nearly 3,300 public drinking water sources throughout the state. The Division is confident that this assessment provides useful information to communities concerning the possible contaminant sources to which their water supply is potentially most susceptible. The results of this assessment reflect the best efforts of the Division and its contractors to simplify several complex physical, chemical and operational processes, and to assemble the best available data for use in the assessment. The source water assessment summary reports present a brief summary of the total susceptibility of each water source to potential contaminant sources, the most prevalent and most threatening types of contaminant sources each water source may be susceptible to, and the vulnerability of the physical setting of each water source to impacts from potential contamination.


The assessment evaluates both individual and cumulative risks from potential contamination. The total susceptibility ratings for each water source in the reports is an indication of the potential cumulative contamination risks to the untreated source water should the unanticipated occur, The total susceptibility rating factors in the individual susceptibility risks posed by each potential contaminant source in the source water assessment area, as well as the size of the source water assessment area itself. The total and individual susceptibility ratings are designed so that the reader can compare the susceptibility of the water source(s) to other similar type water sources in Colorado. The ratings also are designed to guide local communities in evaluating those risks and developing source water protection measures that they determine to be appropriate.


The Safe Drinking Water Act requires the Water Quality Control Division to make the source water assessment results available to the general public. This web site provides the platform from which the public can readily access the assessment reports. Assessment reports are available for those active public water systems and water sources that were contained in the Division’s drinking water database when the project began in March 2001 and have remained active since that time. Public water systems and new water sources that came on-line after March 2001 were not evaluated in this initial assessment phase. Additionally, public water systems that purchase their drinking water from another public water system will not have an assessment report of their own. In these cases, the web site is designed to take you directly to the water system that sell water to this water system so that you can access the assessment report completed for the seller.


The web site is designed so that the public can locate each public water system by county. Once you have located the public water system of interest, there may be one or two reports available depending on the type of water sources that are utilized by the water system. Click on the appropriate icon to download the report(s).


Source Water Assessment Results by County