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Assessment Methodology

This assessment methodology has been developed to aid public water systems and the general public in understanding their source water assessment reports. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment - Water Quality Control Division has developed two source water assessment methodology documents that can be downloaded and reviewed. These documents present an overview of the final assessment methodologies used by the Colorado Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) Program to evaluate the various public drinking water sources throughout the state.


One of the documents outlines the methodology used to assess surface water sources and ground water sources under the direct influence of surface water. The other document outlines the methodology used to assess ground water sources. Please select the appropriate document according to the type of drinking water sources that were noted in your source water assessment report.


The Water Quality Control Division originally outlined source water assessment methodologies in Colorado¿s Source Water Assessment and Protection program plan, as approved by EPA Region VIII. Minor modifications to the original methodologies were identified as implementation of the plan progressed. Minor modifications were expected during the implementation of this complex plan. However, the final assessment methodologies remain true to the intent of the original methodologies established in the program plan.


Topics addressed in these methodology documents include: 1) background information on the SWAP Program; 2) an overview of the water cycle, water sources, and public water systems; 3) a discussion of the various elements of the source water assessment methodology and the reporting requirements; and 4) local responsibility for the source water protection phase. The complex nature of the analyses has presented challenges in developing and presenting the methodologies in an understandable manner.


Source Water Assessment Methodology: