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Protection Planning Grant Guidance

The Water Quality Control Division (Division) Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) Project is transitioning from the assessment phase to the protection planning phase. The long-term project goal is voluntary development and implementation of local source water protection statewide. The success of the program will require a coordinated effort between the Division and local interests such as public water systems, interested stakeholders, and local governments.


Funding for protection planning is available from the State Drinking Water Revolving Fund (SDWRF) set-asides. The SDWRF set-asides enable the SWAP program to provide financial support for protection plan development. The set-asides allow the state to utilize a percentage of its capitalization grant to assist in the development of local drinking water protection initiatives and other State projects. The grant funds will be awarded for two types of projects: Pilot Planning Projects and Development and Implementation Projects.


Pilot Planning Project Grants will support exemplary and comprehensive source water protection plans. It is anticipated that, once completed, these pilot projects will serve as examples to others interested in developing plans to protect their drinking water sources. The completion of a limited number, but broad spectrum, of protection plan pilot projects will provide planning results to other protection planning entities to assist and promote source water protection planning efforts. These grants can range up to $50,000 and will require a one to one financial match (cash or in-kind match). The Pilot Planning grants will also require the protection planning entity to evaluate the expenses related to replacing the current water source (ie: acquiring water rights, restructuring water supply system, economic impacts, etc.). The additional cost analysis will provide an estimated value of water resources to further understand the importance and significance of source water protection planning.


Development and Implementation Grants will be awarded to public water systems and representative stakeholders committed to developing a source water protection plan. Grants up to $5,000 will be awarded for plan development and for implementation. A one to one financial match (cash or in-kind) will be required.


Grant proposals will be submitted electronically and reviewed by Division. Projects recommended for funding will receive an award notification and a purchase order for the protection planning effort. All grant funds are distributed on a cost-reimbursement basis and invoicing will occur on a monthly (pilot planning grants) or quarterly basis (development and implementation grants). Proposals are accepted throughout the year. Grant awards are subject to the availability of SDWRF set-aside funds.


More details on grant requirements, guidance and access to the electronic grant application: