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How Do I Get / Submit Data?

To Obtain Data:

The Water Quality Control Division assesses data collected internally by the Environmental Data Unit. Data is also obtained and assessed by USGS, Riverwatch and third parties.


Data can be obtained through the following sites:

National STORET houses WQCD data as well as some third party data.

USGS data is found: National Water Information System (NWIS) Site.

River watch and other third parties store their data with the Colorado Data Sharing Network.

National Water Quality Monitoring Council's Water Quality Portal is another source for data.

Water Quality Control Division Spatial Data can be found on this page.

Colorado Data Sharing Network provides access to many data sources.


Data Submittal Forms:

Bug Data Read Me File

Bug Data Station Predictors Import excel spreadsheet

EDAS Final ID List excel spreadsheet

Master Bug Import File excel spreadsheet

New Taxa Template excel spreadsheet

2014 Data Submittal Template excel spreadsheet