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   WQCD-1 pdf file     Policy 1 Implementation Policy Framework

Active Cleanwater Policies

CW - 1 pdf file Clean Water 1 Reasonable Potential
CW - 2 pdf file
Clean Water 2 Applicability of Nutrients Mgmt Control Reg Dillution
Exception for  discharges to waters designated as Critical Habitat for
Threatened and Endangered species
CW3 pdf file Clean Water 3 Permit Compliance Schedules
WQP1 pdf file Permit Inactivation Policty Where a Discharge Remains
WQP2 pdf file Significant Digits in Permit Limitations
WQP4 pdf file 401 Certification of 404 After the Fact Permit Application
WQP5 pdf file Permit Policy for Mining Activities
WQP8 pdf file Economic Reasonableness
WQP19 pdf file

Policy for Characterizing Ambient Water Quality for
use in Determining Water Quality Standards Based Effluent Limits.

WQP19pql pdf file P Q L Policy
WQP20 pdf file Baseline Monitoring Frequency
WQP21 pdf file Guidelines for the Determination of Agronomic Rate for
Application of Reclaimed Water Under Reg 84
WQP23 pdf file Procedures for Conducting Assessments for Implementation
of Temperature Standards
WQP24 pdf file Implementing Narrative Standards in Discharge Permits 
for Protection of Irrigated Crops 
WQP25 pdf file Monitoring and Reporting Requirements for
Reclaimed Water Treatment Facilities
WQP26 pdf file Methodology for Determining Agronomic Rates
for the Beneficial Use of Biosolids
WQP27 pdf file Low Risk Discharge Policy
        Policy pdf file Low Risk Discharge Guidance - Potable Water Monitoring Devices
       Policy pdf file Low Risk Discharge Guidance - Potable Water
        Policy pdf file Low Risk Discharge Guidance - Snow Melting
        Policy pdf file Low Risk Discharge Guidance - Surface Cosmetic
Power Washing Operations to Land
        Policy pdf file Low Risk Discharge Guidance - Swimming Pools
        Policy pdf file Low Risk Discharge Guidance - Uncontaminated Groundwater to Land
WQP28 pdf file Blending of Septage from (ISDS) with Biosolids 
  Policy pdf file WPC - Permitting - 1 Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Testing Policy

  Policy pdf file  

WQCD Policy concerning E.Coli Versus Fecal Coliform
Effluent Limitations

  Policy pdf file Antidegredation Significance Determination Guidance
  Policy pdf file Colorado Mixing Zone Implementation Guidance
  Policy pdf file MOA Regarding Enhanced Coordination in implementing
Colorado's Mixing Zone Rule  
 (among CDPHE WQCD; US Fish & Wildlife Services & EPA )
  Policy pdf file Colorado Pollutant Trading Policy
  Policy pdf file Practical Quanitation Limitation (PQL) Guidance
  Policy pdf file Southern Ute Water Quality Jurisdictional Issues
         (Stephen Tuber letter)
  EPA 1992 Memo pdf file  EPA 1992 Intake Credits Memo
Guide pdf file    Table 4 Discharge Monitoring & WET Testing Reports Majors
Guide pdf file  Table 4 Discharge Monitoring & WET Testing Reports Minors
Guide pdf file  Table 4 Compliance Monitoring Inspections
Guide pdf file  Table 4 Compliance Schedule  & Other Reporting Reuirements
Guide pdf file  Table 4 Stormwater Enforcement Response Guide
Guide pdf file  Table 4 Numeric Effluent Limits
Guide pdf file NPDES Self Monitoring System
Policy pdf file

Civil Penalty Policy

Policy pdf file Department Policy for Settling Penalties Against Counties
and Municipalities Policy
Policy pdf file Stormwater Civil Penalty Policy
Policy pdf file Animal Feeding Operations Enforcement Response Guide
WQE-5 pdf file Procedures for Formal Enforcement Action for Permitted Discharges
WQE-7 pdf file Minor Domestic Facility Significant
Non-Compliance Policy
WQE-8 pdf file Major Facilities Enforcement Criteria
Outside of EPA Significant Non-Compliance Criteria
WQE-9 pdf file Public Notification on administrative enforcement actions
WQE-10 pdf file Guidance for Reporting Spills under the
Colorado Water Quality Control Act and the
Colorado Discharge Permits
Policy pdf file Agency-Wide Supplemental Environmental Project Policy
CW 4 SMSA pdf file
Clean Water 4 Stormwater Management System
Administrator Oversite Site Visits



The following policies have been abolished. These policies were abolished on the basis that they have been superseded by new regulatory language, newer policies, or they are no longer relevant to the activies and practices of the clean water program.

Abolished Clean Water Policies


 Emergency Response Policies
  ER - 1 pdf file  Emergency/Spill Response Policy
  Water Quality Enforcement Policies
WQE-1 pdf file  CDPS/NPDES Facility Inspection Reports
WQE-1 & 2 pdf file  Wastewater Treatment Facilities Inspection Reports
WQE- 2 pdf file  Enforcement Letters for Field Support
WQE- 3 pdf file NOVs and Clean Up Orders for Spills and Other Non-Permitted Discharges 
WQE- 4 pdf file Procedure for Investigation and Follow-up for Discharges Without a Permit (DWOP) 
WQE-6 pdf file Water Pollution Control for Feedlot Operations 
  Water Quality Monitoring Policies
WQM-1 pdf file Unauthorized Samples 
  Water Quality Permit Policies
WQP-3 pdf file  Extension of 401 Certification to Dewatering Discharges
WQP-6 pdf file  Potable Waterline Activities
WQP-7 pdf file  Oil & Grease Smapling Requirements for Domestic Permits which Discharge to Surface Waters
WQP-9 pdf file Division Coordinated Renewal Permitting
WQP-10 pdf file Interim Policy Aquatic Life Biomonitoring
WQP-11 pdf file  Interim Policy Human Health Toxicity
WQP-12 pdf file  Discharge Permit Required of Any Person Who is Allocated a Wasteload in  a Control Regulation
WQP-13 pdf file Sample Frequency and Sample Type Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facilities
WQP-14 pdf file Antidegredation Review of Permits
WQP-15 pdf file Derivation of Ammonia Limitations for Permits
WQP-17 pdf file Definition of Process Water and Stormwater at Non-Coal Mining Sites
Water Quality Site Application Policies
WQSA-8 pdf file Definition of Design Capacity

On March 1, 2012 the policies listed below were formally abolished.  These policies have been superseded by new regulatory language or they are no longer relevant to the activities and practices of the safe drinking water program.

Abolished drinking water policies
DW003 pdf file Evaluation of Ground Water Sources to Determine Direct Influence of Surface Water
DWA1 pdf file ublic Water System Plant Inspections
DWA2 pdf file Waiver of Turbidity Monitoring for Non-Community Surface Systems
DWA3 pdf file Multiple Small Water Sources with Distribution Systems
DWA4 pdf file Non title-no policy
DWA5 pdf file Certification of Laboratories for Presence/Absence Testing
DWA6 pdf file Filtration of Public Water Supplies
DWA7 pdf file Operators Certification for Surface Water Treatment Plants
DWA8 pdf file Public Water System Sampling Plan
DWA9 pdf file Approval of Drinking Water Inspectors
DWA10 pdf file Records Kept by State
DWA11 pdf file Nitrate Monitoring -Waivers
DWA12 pdf file Qualifications for Certification of MPA
DWA13 pdf file Laboratory Certification
DWE1 pdf file Response to Turbidity Maximum Contaminant Level Violations
DWE1a pdf file Previously Abolished: Bacteriological Monitoring of Non-Community Water Supplies
DWE4 pdf file Particulate Analysis Interpretation
DWE5 pdf file Particulate Analysis Reporting
DWE6 pdf file Determination of Active Status
DWE8 pdf file Relaxation of Turbidity Standards
DWE9 pdf file Asbestos Samply Policy
CWMCLV1 pdf file  Response by Entities to Turbidity Maximum Contaminant Level Violations
DWMCLV2 pdf file Responding to Radioactivity Maximum Contaminant Level Violations
DWT1 pdf file Reviewing of Storage Facilities and Distribution Systems
DWT2 pdf file Hydro-Electric Generators on Rawe Water Lines of Public Water Systems 
DWT3 pdf file Recreational Use of Raw Water Supply Reservoirs
DWT4 pdf file Filtration of Public Water Supplies
DWT5 pdf file  Intentional Reintroduction of Water to the Water Supply
DWT6 pdf file Preliminary Design Reviews
DWT7 pdf file Point-of-Entry Treatment Devices for Public Water System Compliance with CPWDRs
DWT9 pdf file Gas Chlorination Facility Safety Recommendations
DWT10 pdf file Intentional re-introduction of Water to the Water Supply
DWT11 pdf file Ultraviolet Disinfection of Drinking Water
DWT13 pdf file Lead and Copper Rules - consecutive Systems
DWT14 pdf file IOC, VOC and SOC Confirmation Sampling Procedures and Complaince Calculations
DWTR1 pdf file Scope of Drinking Water Reviews
DWTR2 pdf file Location of Wastewater Treatment Plan Discharges Upstream of DW Plant Intakes
DWTR3 pdf file Public Water supply Disinfection Waivers
DWTR5 pdf file Potable and Non-Potable Water Taps for Residences
DWTR7 pdf file Turbidity and Particulate Montioring
DWTR8 pdf file Chlorine Contact Time for Surface Water Treatment Plants
DWTR9 pdf file Evaluation of Current Surface Water Treatment Facilities