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Municipal - MS4

Storm Drain

Municipal (MS4*) Program

MS4 = Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems

Active MS4 Permits EPA ECHO database   
S4 General Permits  These permits are being Administratively Continued effective 3/10/2013

Statewide MS4 General Permit  COR090000

Application word document Permit pdf file Fact Sheet pdf file

Non-Standard MS4 General Permit COR070000

Application word document   Permit pdf file   Fact Sheet pdf file  

Cherry Creek Reservoir Basin MS4 General Permit  COR080000

Application word document Permit pdf file   Fact Sheet pdf file  
Other Permitting Requests


Request pdf file   

Notice of Transfer

Request pdf file

Widthdrawl Request 

Request pdf file
           Termination Request Termination pdf file
            Application Supplement Form Supplement Form pdf file
Application and Measurable Goal Guidance

Colorado Phase II Stormwater Municipal Resources

Resources pdf file

Non-Standard MS4 Municipal Guide Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet pdf file

Guidance for Assuming MS4 Permitting Responsibilities

Guidance pdf file

Qualifiying Local Programs Guidance and Application

Application pdf file














Colorado WQCD "MS4 Matters" Information Bulletin

Bulletin 1   9-18-2009

Bulletin pdf file

Bulletin 2  11-02-2009

Bulletin pdf file

Bulletin 3    1-6-2010

Bulletin pdf file

Bulletin 4  5-24-2010

Bulletin pdf file
Compliance Forms 

Targetted Permit Questionnaire  COR090000 and COR080000 

Questionnaire pdf file

Notice of Change of Contact

Form pdf file

Annual Report Forms

Statewide City and County  COR090000

Form word document

Cherry Creek  Reservoir  COR080000

Form word document

Non-Standard MS4   COR070000

Form pdf file
Low Risk Discharge Policy and Guidance Documents

WQCD Guidance for Assuming MS4 Permit Liabilities

Guidance pdf file

MS4 Low Risk Discharges Policy Guidance

Guide pdf file

WQP 27 Low Risk Discharges Policy

WQP27 pdf file

Snow Melting Machines

Policy pdf file

Swimming Pools

Policy pdf file
                           Discharge of Potable Water Policy pdf file
                           Discharges from Potable Water Monitoring Devices Policy pdf file

Uncontaminated Groundwater Discharges to Land

Policy pdf file

Cosmetic Power Washing Operations Discharges to Land

Policy pdf file

Fire Safety Mainenance Activities Discharges Draft Guidance

Guidance Document pdf file
 Compliance Assistance Documents  

 Resource List for Municipalities

  Resources pdf file

Guidance on Mosquitoes, West Nile Virus, and Post Construction Best Management Practices

  Guidance pdf file

MS4 Construction Site Erosion Control Oversite - State Land

  Guide pdf file

Teacher resources for introducing urban stormwater quality concepts to the classroom  - including example lesson plans meeting Colorado standards for science, geography and civics

  Resources pdf file
MS4 Audit Guide   Guide pdf file




Municipal industry Q&A - guidance on applying for industrial and construction permits for municipalities Q&A pdf file

Urban Area Maps 

2010 Urban Area Maps