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Construction Sites

                            Effluent data submittal form excel spreadsheet


Stormwater Discharges
Associated w/
Construction Activities

Application pdf file   

Termination pdf file

300000 Permit pdf file   
300000 Fact Sheet pdf file     
 Public Notice Comments
to permit
Part 1 pdf file   
Part 2 pdf file

- Final Stabilization - Alternatives to 70% plant
          density re-vegetation requirement   Memo pdf file  
- Construction Activities FAQ pdf file  
- Oil & Gas Construction Activities FAQ pdf file  
- SWMP Guidance pdf file

Reassignment of Stormwater
Construction Permit

Application pdf file    
Termination pdf file    

 This application reassigns a portion of the construction permitted area to another party- Creating 2 separate permits - the orginial and party 2's new permit. This is NOT for transferring the entire permit to another party.

Construction Dewatering

Application pdf file  
Termination pdf file
  70000 Permit pdf file  
  70000 Fact Sheet pdf file  
  70000 Mod 1 Fact Sheet pdf file
Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines, Tanks, & Similar Vessels

Application pdf file
Termination pdf file

604000 Permit pdf file         
604000 Fact Sheet pdf file

Remediation Activities
Discharging to Surface  Water             

Application pdf file
  Termination pdf file

315000 Permit pdf file  
315000 Fact Sheet pdf file  
315000 Mod 1 Fact Sheet pdf file  
315000 Mod 2 Fact Sheet pdf file

Remediation Activities
Discharging to Ground Water

Application pdf file
Termination pdf file

316000 Permit pdf file         
316000 Fact Sheet pdf file  
316000 Mod 1 Fact Sheet pdf file

R-Factor Waiver
for Stormwater
Discharges Associated w/
Construction Activities
Application pdf file     
Supplement Form pdf file Application Supplement To be used when submitting additional or new information provided on the initial application for a permit.
Request pdf file Modification/Amendment To add new area, outfalls, etc. Requires Lat/Long information,  Facility maps showing changes, etc.
Request pdf file Transfer Application  This Transfers the ENTIRE permit to a second party.
Request pdf file Withdrawl Request This is to withdraw a request for a NEW permit or a Modification of an existing permit.  This is not a termination form.
Request pdf file

Construction Amendment
to remove portion of permitted area.

This is to terminate a portion of a permitted area that is no longer under construction AND is no longer under the control of the permit holder.
Request pdf file Construction Amendment
to remove wells from
Oil & Gas Field 
This allows the removal of specific wells from a field permit. Allowing for OGCC Coverage. 
Adding wells or coverage area requires use of the Modification/Amendment form.




HB12-1119 pdf file     Report to the General Assembly of the State of Colorado 
                                         in accordance with Colorado House Bill 12-1119 
 Efforts to develope a more streamlined process for preventing violations and enforcing regualtions and permits for stormwater discharges  association with construction activities   11/30/2012 final report

Compliance Forms

         Notice of Change of Contacts Form pdf file
         Compliance Schedule Form pdf file
          Significant Change in Discharges   Request pdf file
          Discharge Monitoring Reports(DMR's)                   
DMR Guidance pdf file
Net DMRs Overview pdf file
          Discharge Monitoring Report TRAINING  Training Information pdf file
Compliance Assitance Guidance Documents
        Final Stabilization Requirements -
        Alternatives to the 70% plant  density
        re-vegetation requirement
Memo pdf file
        Stormwater Management Plan Guidance Construction SWMP Guidance pdf file
        Stormwater  Fact Sheet Construction FAQ pdf file
        Stormwater  Fact Sheet Oil & Gas Industry Construction FAQ pdf file
        Construction Dewatering Frequently Asked Questions FAQ pdf file
Spill Reporting Information     Spills
Operator Certification


EPA Stormwater Web page

EPA phase II fact sheet 

National Stormwater BMP database - Database of monitoring results showing effectiveness of structural and non-structural BMPs.




Issued Enforcement Actions for 30-day public comment
Issued Enforcement Actions (January 1, 2009 through Present)
For enforcment actions older than 2009, please contact the records center   

Clean Water Compliance and Enforcement Unit


The Clean Water Compliance and Enforcement Unit monitors self reported data from facilities that have discharge permits. The Enforcement Specialists are in charge of working with these facilities to make sure that the State of Colorado's wastewater is meeting the guidelines set by the Clean Water Act.



DMR Guidance Button   ECHO website
If you have received a compliance advisory regarding your discharge monitoring reports, please review the DMR Guidance Document to ensure that you are filling your DMRs out with the proper parameters and reporting units.
If you believe you have identified an error in the data reported to the Division and/or published through EPA's Enforcement & Compliance History Online (ECHO), please click on the link to report the error directly through the ECHO Website.
Swim Beach Button  
Clean Water Policies
If you are looking for information on Colorado's Swim Beaches, Natural Swimming areas, Swim Beach Monitoring, or Swim Beach Closures, please visit our Swim Beach page.
For copies of Clean Water Enforcement Policies, please visit the policies page.


For a list of Sewage, Commerce & Industry, and MS4 permits that are active
                                    please check the EPA Echo Site

Active Stormwater Construction Permits     current through 6/6/2014 excel spreadsheet  

Construction Stormwater certifications  Issued in June 2014 pdf file .                

 Active Stormwater Industrial Permits          Current through 3/1/2014 excel spreadsheet                          
                         (Stormwater Industrial certs and MS4 Certs are in EPA Echo Site.
                            Certifications listed here will be migrated to EPA's site in the future.)


  If you have further questions, feel free to call 303-692-3517.

During the hours of 8-5 press 0 and your call will be directed to a live assistant. 

At other times, please leave a message.


The Colorado Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) reviews and issues Water Quality Certifications under Section 401 of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) for projects or actions that are applicable to the provisions of the Colorado 401 Certification Regulation (WQCC Regulation #82: 5 CCR 1002-82). A CWA §401 Water Quality Certification is required for any federal license or permit that is issued to construct or operate a facility, which may result in any fill or discharge into the jurisdictional waters of the United States.

Certification Reasources: