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Enforcement Actions

Issued Enforcement Actions for 30-day public comment
Issued Enforcement Actions (January 1, 2009 through Present)
For enforcment actions older than 2009, please contact the records center   

Clean Water Compliance and Enforcement Unit


The Clean Water Compliance and Enforcement Unit monitors self reported data from facilities that have discharge permits. The Enforcement Specialists are in charge of working with these facilities to make sure that the State of Colorado's wastewater is meeting the guidelines set by the Clean Water Act.



DMR Guidance Button   ECHO website
If you have received a compliance advisory regarding your discharge monitoring reports, please review the DMR Guidance Document to ensure that you are filling your DMRs out with the proper parameters and reporting units.
If you believe you have identified an error in the data reported to the Division and/or published through EPA's Enforcement & Compliance History Online (ECHO), please click on the link to report the error directly through the ECHO Website.
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Clean Water Policies
If you are looking for information on Colorado's Swim Beaches, Natural Swimming areas, Swim Beach Monitoring, or Swim Beach Closures, please visit our Swim Beach page.
For copies of Clean Water Enforcement Policies, please visit the policies page.