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Protection Planning Template

The role of the Division is to assist local protection planning efforts by supplying the lead protection entity with the necessary consultation and tools to complete a protection plan. The Division has formulated a protection plan template that standardizes the format of protection plans. The template was developed to be user-friendly and accommodate the needs of a broad size range of public water systems. The protection plan template provides direction and guidance so systems can complete the document with an established Steering Committee to guide the process.


The document¿s framework will give the established Steering Committee a baseline from which to individualize their source water protection plans (SWPP). The Division with the assistance of Colorado Rural Water Association (CRWA) and other contractor support will offer limited consultation with the Steering Committee to fill out the protection plan template. For a more detailed explanation of what information is contained in each section of the template, please download the source water protection plan template and associated instructions by clicking the attached link:



The template represents the minimal elements the Division expects to see in a protection plan and outlines a thorough process for evaluating, and developing appropriate protection measures to address the potential risks to water sources. The Division will acknowledge source water protection plans that meet the following criteria:


  • A public participation and/or stakeholder interest group is established and recognized .
  • A water supply setting is identified and all groundwater and/or surface water sources are considered in the plan.
  • A water demand/analysis with an associated contingency plan is completed.
  • A source water assessment delineation and protection area is identified and recognized.
  • A contaminant source inventory is completed and verified in the plan.
  • A source water priority strategy and susceptibility analysis is identified and recognized.
  • Source water protection measures and ¿best management practices¿ are outlined.


It is also important to note that the protection plan template was developed and modified by a public process involving a Citizen's Advisory Group (CAG).