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Protection Phase

Source water planning is the second phase of the SWAP process. Public water systems and communities are strongly encouraged to use their source water assessment information to voluntarily enter the protection phase of SWAP. The source water protection planning effort begins with a comprehensive understanding of the assessment phase results and the site-specific information from the local interests. The Division's plan on initiating source water protection interest is to work with the public water supply systems to educate them on how to interpret the assessment results and begin the transition into the protection planning process.


The state and CRWA have developed a protection plan template for use in developing the source water protection plans. The template should simplify the process, and will allow an opportunity to tailor the basic elements to their specific needs and circumstances. The template will also help ensure that the necessary elements of the protection plan are identified and will promote more direct involvement in developing the plan, coordinating public involvement, and implementing and updating the plan as needed.


The entire protection planning process is outlined in detail on the Division's source water protection planning toolkit.


To order your free copy of this protection planning toolkit, click here.




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