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Compliance Assurance for Drinking Water

Compliance Assurance for Drinking Water (contact information) is responsible for determining if Colorado public water systems (PWS) are in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. Following these requirements help promote protection of public health and the environment. Please choose from the following: 

  1. Compliance Information
  2. Facility Operator Certification
  3. Regulations and Rulemakings
  4. Laboratory Services Information


Compliance Information

Facility Operator Certification

All PWS are required to maintain a Treatment Operator (if applicable), and Distribution System Operator (if applicable). To search for operator certification information please visit the Operator Certification Program Office (OCPO). Operator-PWS associations are located on the PWS monitoring schedule and may be updated by submitting the  Drinking Water Contact Update Form pdf file  


Regulations and Rulemakings


Laboratory Services Division