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Grants and Loans


The Grants and Loans Unit partners with the Colorado Resources Water and Power Development Authority and the Department of Local Affairs, to coordinate the SRF loan and grant programs to assist public water systems to improve water quality throughout Colorado. 


2014 Annual Intended Use Plans (IUP)
2014 Drinking Water Revolving Fund Intended Use Plan pdf file
2014 Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund Intended Use Plan pdf file

Low Interest Loans


Green Project Reserve
Project Manager Region Contacts



Natural Disaster Grant question and answers pdf file


NEW Stakeholder Outreach on Regulation No. 55 Amendment

Schedule for implementation pdf file  

DRAFT Reg No. 55 the Small Communities Water and Wastewater Grant Fund pdf file  

2015 Small Community Drinking Water Grant Project Ranking Criteria pdf file  

2015 Small Community Wastewater Grant Project Ranking Criteria pdf file  

Stakeholder comments and responses pdf file   


NEW American Iron and Steel Requirement Guidance (3-20-14) pdf file
1-24-14 MEMO: Buy American Requirements to Federal Fiscal Year 2014 on SRF Agreements pdf file  















Unit Manager
Michael Beck
Work Group Leader
Louanna Cruz
Project Manager, Small Systems Training and Technical Assistance Grants, Water Quality Improvement Fund
Project Managers
Erick Worker
Project Manager, Eligibility Surveys, Data Management
Richard Markovich
Project Manager
Brad Monson
Project Manager
Margaret Pauls
Project Manager, Nutrients Grant Program
Corrina Quintana
Project Manager
Matt Stearns
Davis-Bacon, Green Project Reserve, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Nicole (Niki) Rollo
Administrative Assistant, Pay Requests, Change Orders, Planning and Design Grants

  Grants and Loans Unit Project Manager Map pdf file


Colorado Water and Sewer Funding Coordination Committee

Representatives from agencies with programs involved in funding water and wastewater projects: Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado Water Conservation Board, Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority, USDA Rural Development, and Rural Community Assistance Corporation


Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority

Keith McLaughlin 303-830-1550, Extension 22
Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority
1580 Logan Street, Suite 620
Denver, Colorado 80203
Fax 303-832-8205
  •  Assists borrowers through loan process
  • Negotiates and executes loan agreements
  • Manages revolving loan fund portfolio
  • Issues bonds to fund loans 


Department of Local Affairs

            Department of Local Affairs
            Division of Local Government
            1313 Sherman Street, Room 521
            Denver, Colorado 80203
            Fax 303-866-4819
  • Reviews applications and provides credit reports
  • Provides training and outreach assistance in utility management


United States Department of Agriculture - Rural Development


Colorado Water Conservation Board


Rural Community Assistance Corporation

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Water Quality Control Division

Grants and Loans Unit

4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, B-2

Denver, CO 80246-1530

Phone: (303) 692-2053

Fax: (303) 782-0390

E-mail: cdphe_grantsandloans@state.co.us

Grants and Loans Unit Project Manager Map pdf file