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Contact the Division


Hours of operation: 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.


Phone: 303-692-3500

Fax: 303-782-0390

Email: cdphe.commentswqcd@state.co.us

4300 Cherry Creek Drive South


Denver, CO 80246-1530


  • 24 - Hour Reporting Hotline: 1-877-518-5608 (Colorado Environmental Release and Incident Reporting Hotline)



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 Frequent Program Contacts:



Activities to improve the ability of public systems to provide consistently safe drinking water.


EDU Unit Manager:

Aimee Konowal 303-692-3530
Workgroup Leaders:
Assessors: Subject Matter Focus
Sarah Wheeler 303-692-3436  
Skip Feeney 303-691-4928 Measureable Results Program; Rio Grande River Basin
Scott Garncarz
Robert Hillegas 303-692-3137 Spatial Data; Automation programs; Upper Colorado River Basin; Lower Colorado Basin
John Hranac 303-692-3586 401 Certification Program; Gunnison River Basin; Lower Dolores Basin
Arne Sjodin 303-692-3522 WQX Water Quality Data Coordinator; Arkansas River Basin
Jean Aldrich 303-692-3396
Lorie Petersen 303-692-3563
Adam Taubman 303-692-3589


Facility Operator Certification
Water Quality Control Division
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, Colorado 80246-1530

Please contact us at 303-692-3596 for general questions.


Click here for a complete list of contacts.   Field Services Contacts pdf file


Grants and Loans Unit Manager
Michael Beck 303-692-3374  
Work Group Leaders / Project Managers
Louanna Cruz 303-692-3604 Project Manager, Small Systems Training and Technical Assistance Grant (SSTTA), Water Quality Improvement Fund (WQIF), Nutrient Management Grant
Project Managers
Erick Worker 303-692-3594 Project Manager, Eligibility Surveys, Data Management
Dan Simpson 303-692-3290 Project Manager, and State and Tribal Assistance Grant (STAG)
Corrina Qunitana 303-691-4025 Project Manager, Nutrient Management Grant
Matt Stearns 303-691-4064 Compliance Specialist, Davis-Bacon, Green Project Reserve (GPR), and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
Nicole (Niki) Rollo 303-692-2053 Administrative Assistant, Pay Requests, Change Orders, Pre-Loan Planning and Design Assistance Program Grants


PERMITS SECTION MANAGER Janet Kieler      303-692-3599   janet.kieler@state.co.us

Public Assistance Line   303-692-3517   8am-5pm please press '0' to be directed to call assistant
                                                                           After hours please leave a voice message  
Unit 1 - Construction Sector; Commerce and Industry Sector (non extractive and non-stormwater)
               MS4 Permits, Groundwater Permits;  Reclaimed Water (Reuse),  and Pretreatment Programs

   UNIT MANAGER                Lillian Gonzalez  303-692-3655    lillian.gonzalez@state.co.us 

CDOT Liason    Jean Cordova 303-692-3570  jean.cordova@state.co.us


Randy Ogg 303-692-3560 randy.ogg@state.co.us


Lisa Knerr 303-692-3004 lisa.knerr@state.co.us


Lisa Knerr 303-692-3004 lisa.knerr@state.co.us


Liz Lemonds 303-692-3515 elizabeth.lemonds@state.co.us


Construction Sector - Stormwater, Dewatering, Hydrostatic Testing, 
                                    Groundwater Remediation
Commerce and Industry Sector - Subterranean Dewatering, Commercial Outdoor Washing;
                                     Water Treatment  Plants, Hot Springs


Maura McGovern 303-692-3392  maura.mcgovern@state.co.us
Rik Gay  303-692-3575  rik.gay@state.co.us
Margo Griffin 303-692-3607   margo.griffin@state.co.us
Maureen Egan 303-692-6327 maureen.egan@state.co.us
Kendra Kelly  303-692-3387 kendra.kelly@state.co.us
 Unit 2-  Domestic Individual Permits; 
               Domestic General Permits; Industrial Non-Extractive Stormwater; No Exposure Exclusion
UNIT MANAGER Kenan Diker 303-692-3597  kenan.diker@state.co.us
Permits for   
Unit 2         
Basin Sub basin
Gunnison River San Miguel River and Lower Dolores River
Arkansas River Upper Arkansas River, Fountain Creek, 
            and Cimmarron River
Rio Grand River Rio Grand River
Upper Colorado River Upper Colorado River, Roaring Fork River,
           and North Platte River
Lower Colorado River Lower Colorado River
South Platte River Upper South Platte River, Clear Creek,
          Big Thompson River,Cache la Poudre
          River, and Laramie River
San Juan River San Juan River all sub basins
 Biosolids     Tim Larsen 303-691-4091  tim.larson@state.co.us
  Pesticides   John Nieland   303-692-3553   john.nieland@state.co.us
Work Group Leader Eric Oppelt
      * Domestic Discharges
        COG588000 and COG589000
303-692-3608  eric.oppelt@state.co.us
Susan Applegate
303-692-6318   susan.applegate@state.co.us
Joanna Beck
     * Non Contact Cooling Water
     * Aquatic Production
303-692-3524   joanna.beck@state.co.us
Michelle DeLaria
     * Stormwater Industrial
303-692-3615 michelle.delaria@state.co.us
Unit 3-  Domestic and Industrial Waste Water Individual Permits; 
            Extractive Industry General Permits including Sand & Gravel, 
            Coal Mining,  Produced Water,  and Non-Contact Cooling Water
UNIT MANAGER Erin Scott 303-692-3506   erin.scott@state.co.us
Permits for     
Unit 3         
Basin Sub Basin
Gunnison River Upper and Lower Gunnison River, North Fork
           Gunnison River, and Uncompahgre River
Arkansas River Lower and Middle Arkansas River
Rio Grand River Alamosa River and Closed Basin
Upper Colorado River Blue River, Eagle River, and Yampa River
Lower Colorado River Lower Yampa River, Green River, and
            White River
South Platte River Big Dry Creek, Beak Creek, Boulder Creek,
            St Vrain Creek, Cherry Creek, Lower and
            Middle South Platte River, and
            Republican River

    Work Group Leader 

Kathy Rosow
     *Metal Mining Stormwater



Lori Mulsoff
     *Produced Water
 303-692-3549  lori.mulsoff@state.co.us
Abigail Ogbe
      *Coal Mining General
 303-692-2054  abigail.ogbe@state.co.us
 Al Stafford
      *Sand and Gravel
 303-691-4021  al.stafford@state.co.us
Geneva Brion

303-692-3532   geneva.brion@state.co.us



Compliance Issues for all of the above permits and for the Low Risk Policies will be handled by the
Clean Water Compliance Unit 2  
           Unit Manager Nathan Moore   303-692-3555  nathan.moore@state.co.us

* Each Permit Writer is responsible for various individual permits as well as the general permit listed below their name
** Individual Permits are assigned based on the River Basin and Sub Basin in which they are located.

Program Contacts: