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The Water Quality Control Division is organized into Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water (includes Water Pollution Control and Watershed Programs), and Operations Programs.


  • The Safe Drinking Water Program provides compliance oversight, assistance, support, and training to public drinking water systems so they provide safe drinking water to the public.


  • The Clean Water Program activities include monitoring and assessing Colorado's water quality, establishing protective water quality standards in accordance with scheduled frequency set by the Water Quality Control Commission, providing discharge permits that are protective of the established standards and providing compliance oversight, technical and financial assistance for facilities.  The protection, maintenance and restoration of Colorado's water resources is managed by the Watershed and Water Pollution Control Programs.


  • The Operations Program supports the Division by providing fiscal and budgetary services, data and records management, and Information Technology Support.  In addition, the Administration Program staff provides financial and technical support for drinking water, wastewater and non point source infrastructure through State Revolving Loan Funds.


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