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Trappers Lake



Fish tissue mercury concentrations from this waterbody fall within the expected range for each species tested. Please follow the General Guidelines for meal advice for your species of interest.

They are as follows:


 Colorado Fish Consumption Guidelines

General Population (Age 18 or older)*

 Eat 2 meals per week or less

 Brook Trout  Drum  Kokanee

 Eat 1 meal per week or less

 Brown Trout  Lake Trout  Splake
 Black Bullhead  Northern Pike <34 in.  Walleye < 15 in.
 Black Crappie  Rainbow Trout  White Crappie
 Bluegill  Saugeye  White Sucker
 Catfish  Striped Bass  White Bass
 Carp  Sunfish  Wiper
 Largemouth Bass < 15 in.    Yellow Perch

 Eat 2 meals per month or less

 Northern Pike > 34 in.  Smallmouth Bass < 15 in.  Cutthroat Trout
   Walleye > 15 in.  

 Eat 1 meal per month or less

 Largemouth Bass > 15 in.  Smallmouth Bass > 15 in.  Tiger Muskie

*A fish serving is about the size of the palm of your hand (8 oz).