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Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP)

The mission of the Sexual Violence Prevention Program is to work with diverse communities to increase health and safety by addressing  the root causes of sexual violence and implementing primary prevention programs  across Colorado.
In keeping with this mission, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's SVP Program funds community-based organizations to prevent sexual violence and promote healthy sexuality.  This is accomplished through the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based or research-informed prevention programs. Funded community-based organizations are required to implement sexual violence prevention programs that address the following:

  • Prevention of first-time sexual violence perpetration and victimization;
  • Reduction of modifiable risk factors while enhancing protective factors associated with sexual violence perpetration and victimization;
  • Use of the best available evidence when implementing and evaluating sexual violence prevention programs (Understanding the Evidence);
  • Incorporation of behavior and social change theories into sexual violence prevention programs;
  • Use of population-based surveillance to inform sexual violence prevention program decisions and monitor trends; and
  • Evaluation of sexual violence prevention efforts and use of the results to improve future program plans.


Tomei Kuehl, Program Manager

Phone:  303-692-2049


VIPrevention Network: Colorado's Violence and Injury Prevention Network