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Gestational Diabetes


Gestational diabetes can occur when you are pregnant. The word gestational means pregnant. Diabetes means the levels of sugar (glucose) in your blood are high. Your body turns many foods into sugar. If you have diabetes, your body has trouble using this sugar.


It is important to know if you have gestational diabetes. Once you know, you can take care of your diabetes and have a healthy baby. Only your health care provider can determine if you have gestational diabetes. Talk to your doctor about your risk. If your doctor told you that you have gestational diabetes, some of the handouts below can help you to understand and better take care of yourself and your baby.

obese pregnant woman holding belly


The links provided below are for use by health care providers when treating women diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The materials were developed by staff at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in partnership with HealthTeamWorks.


Colorado Clinical Guidelines on Gestational Diabetes


Colorado Nutrition Guidelines on Gestational Diabetes


Gestational Diabetes Care Flow Sheet

The Colorado Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, in collaboration with the Diabetes Education Society, Inc., offered two educational webcasts in February 2009 for medical providers, nurses, RDs, CDEs, social workers, and other public health and community health workers. The presentations have been archived and can be accessed below. CEUs are no longer available.


Gestational Diabetes: Putting Guidelines Into Practice - archived 2.13.09


Gestational Diabetes: Nutrition Messages You Need To Know - archived 2.27.09

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