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Manuals and Policies

Below you will find CACFP Manuals, CACFP Policies and USDA Memos:

Below is the CACFP Center Manual and Appendices A - E.
When you are first applying to the Program, it is important to review Appendix A which will help you navigate in our online system; and Appendix B which is the step-by-step guide to completing the on-line application.
USDA Memos:
  •   CACFP 12-2013  Transitioning from SFSP to CACFP At-risk Afterschool Meals
  •   CACFP 11-2013  Q&As Regarding the Participation of HeadStart Programs in Child Nutrition Programs
  •   CACFP 10-2013  Guidance Related to the ADA Amendments Act
  •   CACFP 09-2013  Additional State Agency Requirements in CAC
  •   CACFP 08-2013  Guidance on Reallocation of CACFP Audit Funds
  •   CACFP 07-2013  FY 2013 Reallocation of State Administrative Expense Funds
  •   CACFP 06-2013  Eligibility Based on Census Data: 2013 Data Release
  •   CACFP 05-2013  Tax Exempt Status for Private Nonprofit Organizations in CACFP and SFSP
  •   CACFP 04-2013  Streamlining At-Risk Meal Participation for School Food Authorities
  •   CACFP 03-2013  Determining AreaEligibility Based on School Data
  •   CACFP 02-2013  Procurement Geographic Preference Q&As - Part II; Letter from Under Secretary Concannon; -- Fact Sheet: Calories in School Meals; -- Fact Sheet: Athletic Programs and Afterschool Meal Service
  •   CACFP 01-2013  Federal Small Purchase Threshold Adjustment