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Comprehensive Cancer Control Program


The long-term goal of the program is to reduce the number of cancers diagnosed and the number of deaths from cancer among Colorado residents through coordinated efforts of collaborative partners of both public and private agencies. 


  • Build and maintain strong partnerships

  • Assess the burden of cancer

  • Mobilize support for the comprehensive cancer control

  • Implement a state cancer plan that has broad support, emphasizing the use of integrated, evidence-based interventions focused on the cancer continuum of care

  • Facilitate systematic evaluation of the program, the partnership and the state cancer plan

  • Seek and track policy changes related to cancer priorities

  • Monitor changes in population-based measures


  • Improve and expand the collaborative efforts already in place through the Colorado Cancer Coalition among the different stakeholders working on cancer control in Colorado;

  • Increase the use of the Colorado Cancer Plan as the statewide document directing cancer control efforts;

  • Develop a data-driven and science-based process for prioritizing the elements of the Colorado Cancer Plan;

  • Disseminate information available to local communities and provide technical assistance to community initiatives working on local cancer control efforts; 

  • Enhance surveillance capabilities through existing resources;

  • Conduct collaborative public awareness and education projects; and

  • Increase cancer-related policy development in a variety of settings.