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Women's Wellness Connection

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Women's Wellness Connection (WWC) began in 1991. It is a program administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and part of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP). 


Women's Wellness Connection (WWC) provides breast and cervical cancer screening (clinical breast exams, Pap tests and pelvic exams and mammograms) to eligible women at over 130 sites through cooperative efforts of multiple statewide providers. The providers of WWC operate under the HIPPA confidentiality laws (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). 


 Find Your Local WWC Provider by calling American Cancer Society at 1-866- 951-WELL (9355)


The Family Healthline at 1 (800) 688-7777 (toll-free) or (303) 692-2229


or check out our website:


Eligible Colorado women may receive free clinical breast exams, mammograms, pelvic exams and Pap tests. Click here to see if you are eligible.


To find the nearest Women's Wellness Connection (WWC) clinic, type your address or zip code into the search box on the upper-right corner of the map below and hit enter. Click on the name of the clinic in blue to visit their website or click directly on the clinic address to get directions via car, public transit, bike, or walking. 

Once you choose a provider site to visit, please call the phone number for the clinic and let them know you would like to participate in the Women's Wellness Connection program.

View Clinic Sites for Women's Wellness Connection in a full screen map


Community Partnerships and Recruitment
The WWC Program educates communities around the state and recruits eligible women through the following methods:
  • Education about WWC, breast, and cervical cancer screenings through presentations, public awareness campaigns, social media, public service announcements.
  • Outreach at community events and health fairs to distribute information and talk one-on-one with women about cancer.
  • Inreach at WWC-funded clinics to connect with women already accessing health care.


The WWC Program contracts with the American Cancer Society (ACS) to provide education and partnership-building activities across the state. ACS Community Coordinators are located around the state and provide education and outreach about the WWC Program and breast, cervical and colorectal cancer.


You can find your local Community Coordinator here.

You can find out more about the Community Coordinator's work here.

The Women’s Wellness Connection (WWC) program partners with the American Cancer Society (ACS) for a toll-free, bilingual referral line that connects clients to over 120 screening providers across the state. When individuals call either the statewide or local numbers, they speak directly with a trained call-center staff that screen them for eligibility, locate an appropriate WWC location and directly connect the clients with the clinic so appointments can be set up right away (what is otherwise called a “warm transfer”). The referral line may be able to provide information on other screening programs for women ineligible for WWC.

Overview of Evidence-Based Practices and The Community Guide pdf file

Changes Made to The Guide to Community Preventive Services

New eCaST Users Group: New eCaST questions, Answers, and Workarounds
After our very productive eCaST Users Group webinar on September 25, we captured a running list of New eCaST Questions, Answers and Workarounds.  As we continue to fine tune eCaST, we’ll update this chart with further important user information as a resource for users. 
e-Connect 2013

WWC e-Connect October 22, 2013

WWC e-Connect October 15, 2013


WWC Grantee Information


WWC Toolkit
  • WWC Mission
  • Program Overview
  • Background
  • WWC National Recognition
  • Preparing for the Future
  • Purpose of this toolkit
  • Overview of Recruitment and Evidence-Based Practices
  • WWC Statewide Efforts
                - American Cancer Society Community Coordinators
                -  WWC Website
                - WWC Referral Line
  • Eligibility Guidelines
  • Enrollment Guidelines
  - Enrolling a Client Referred-in for Diagnostics
  • Tobacco Use Assessment Policy
  - QuitLine Referral Process
  • Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines, Fiscal Year 2014
   - References
  • Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines, Fiscal Year 2014
   - References
  • Lost to Follow-Up/Refused Service Policy
  • Enrolling WWC Clients into BCCP Medicaid
   - Presumptive Eligibility and BCCP Medicaid
  • Performance Indicators
  • CDC Core Performance Indicators
    - Screening Core Performance Indicators
    - Clinical Core Performance Indicators
    - Treatment Core Performance Indicators
  • State Performance Indicators
    - Treatment Performance Indicator
    - Administrative Performance Indicators
  • Quality Assurance Strategies
  • Colorado Contract Monitoring System
  • Data Collected and Reported in eCaST
  • Uses of Data
  • Data Cleaning and Data Quality
  • eCaST Location and Software Requirements
  • Accessing eCaST
  • Data Security and Confidentiality
  • Authority for Data Collection
  • How does WWC Reimburse?
  • What does WWC Reimbursement Cover?
  • Additional Reimbursement
  • Adjustments to Reimbursements
  • When does WWC Reimburse?
  • Tracking Budgets
  • WWC Subcontracting Requirements
  • Typical Services Subcontracted
  • Subcontracting Basics
  • Professional Development and Training
  • Communications
  • Website


New WWC eCaST Forms

Clinical Cycle Data Entry Tool pdf file (New) - Replaced Clinical Services Report

Client Profile Tool (English) pdf file (New) - Replaced Patient History Form (English)

Client Profile Tool (Spanish) pdf file  (New) - Replaced Patient History Form (Spanish)

Client Profile Tool (Vietnamese) pdf file  (New) - Updated December 2013

Breast Diagnostics Data Entry Tool pdf file  (New) - Replaced Breast Diagnostic Report

Cervical Diagnostics Data Entry Tool pdf file (New)- Replaced Cervical Diagnostic Report

WWC Consent Form - English pdf file  (New)

WWC Consent Form - Spanish pdf file  (New) - Updated December 2013

WWC Consent Form - Vietnamese pdf file  (New) - Updated December 2013



Additional Resources

Federal Poverty Levels 2014 pdf file

Lawful presence affidavit templates word document  

Lawful Presence Affidavit Template (Vietnamese) pdf file - New

Guidance on Evidence of Lawful Presence

HIPAA Legislation


ASCCP Algorithms


Breast Cancer Diagnostic Algorithms



Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines (located under WWC Tool Kit/ Clinical Services)

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines (located under WWC Tool Kit/ Clinical Services)

Lost to follow-up/refused services policy (located under WWC Tool Kit/ Case Management)

Tobacco use assessment policy (located under WWC Tool Kit/ Client Eligibility and Enrollment)


Additional Materials

WWC Bundled Payment System 2014 pdf file  

FY 2014 CPT Code List pdf file  



What to do When the Diagnostic Work-up of an Abnormal CBE Ends at a Mammogram pdf file




eCaST Basics
This web-based training is for new eCaST users and anyone who needs to get back to the Basics of eCaST. It is offered the first Wednesday of every month from 9:30 - 11:30. Please RSVP through Survey Monkey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NGL5XFT. Please contact Nick Roth with any questions

Getting Started in eCaST

New eCaST Training Presentation pdf file

New eCaST Training: http://www.chddev.dphe.state.co.us/Resources/wwc/NeweCaSTTraining.swf

Old eCaST Training: http://www.chddev.dphe.state.co.us/Resources/wwc/OldeCaSTTraining.swf


Survey Monkey Links:

    - RSVP for New eCaST Training

     - Attendance:
     - Training Feedback:

    - Questions or Feedback on New eCaST system


Old WWC Reports Quick Reference 2013 pdf file


Screening Rate Map FY 2013 pdf file

Screening Rate Map FY 2011 pdf file

Screening Rate Map FY 2010 pdf file

Screening Rate Map FY 2009 pdf file



2014 Webinars and Training

Dr. Asad: Abnormal Mammogram Webinar


Conference Call and Webinar Tools

Fiscal Year 2014 Calendar (updated 10/13) pdf file  


FY 2013-2014 Health Improvement Team (HIT) Calls


March 2014 HIT Call


Feburary 2014 HIT Call


 January 2014 HIT Call


December 2013 HIT Call


November 2013 HIT Call


October 2013 HIT Call

September 2013 HIT Call


August 2013 HIT Call


eCaST User's Group

January 2014 eCaST User's Group Presentation pdf file  

November 2013 eCaST User's Group Presentation pdf file

September 2013 eCaST User's Group

July 2013 eCaST User's Group Presentation pdf file  


Clinical Presentations

WWC Overview for Clinicans

New ASCCP Guidelines for Managing Abnormal Pap Tests (5/22/13)

New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines (6/27/12)

Breast Algorithms Training

Tobacco cessation training pdf file

Counseling your patients about screening mammograms pdf file  


WWC Orientation

This quarterly web-based training is for new staff at agencies or anyone who needs a refresher on WWC basics.  The training is offered the third Tuesday of February, May, August and November from 9:30 - 11:30. 

To register for this training, click on this link and fill out the form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WWCOrientation.  We will email you materials and log in information before the webinar.


WWC Post Award Meeting - July 12, 2013

Post Award Meeting Webinar Recording

PowerPoint Slides pdf file

eCaST Basics

This web-based training is for new eCaST users and anyone who needs to get back to the Basics of eCaST. It is offered the first Wednesday of every month from 9:30 - 11:30. Please have access to eCaST and Citrix before signing up with Amanda Howard.






Provider orientation



  •   Abnormal Lab Log excel spreadsheet

  • Core Indicator Tracking Tool - This spreadsheet provides an at a glance look of missing screens or diagnostics, abnormal cases and appropriate follow up is. Pending cases are highlighted in yellow for easy viewing. The final columns for WWC reimbursement provide a double check to ensure the agency is paid at the correct rate. This spreadsheet also provides an accurate projection of pending cases for budget reconciliation and is especially helpful when nearing the grant limit.

  • Voucher tracking spreadsheet excel spreadsheet - This spreadsheet provides an at a glance look at which clients have not scheduled their mammograms. Once the exam is complete, delete the date from the comment column and note "Redeemed" in the status column. If reminder letters are sent, note in the comment column.

  • Master Lab Log excel spreadsheet - This Excel spreadsheet is where all tests and scheduled appointments are entered into the master lab log, including in- house tests completed.

  • WWC Services Work Flow pdf file  


Mammogram Referral Tools









WISEWOMAN Grantee Information
Colorado WISEWOMAN Manual
Data Entry and eCaST
Data Entry and eCaST
Clinical Guidelines
National Clinical Guidelines
Cardiovascular Disease
Blood Pressure
Overweight and Obesity
Tobacco Use
National Diet & Lifestyle Guidelines
Other Resources for Healthy Lifestyles
The following resources have not been established as national guidelines, but are evidence-based resources that may be useful for agencies.
Physical Activity