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Mar. 5: Statewide health assessment to guide future health priorities

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Mark Salley, Communications Director

Statewide health assessment to guide future health priorities

DENVER—The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has released the 2013 Health and Environmental Assessment detailing the broad range of factors that contribute to the health and environment of Coloradans. The assessment includes information about social, economic and environmental factors, in addition to health behaviors, quality of health care and a range of health outcomes.
Dr. Larry Wolk, executive director and chief medical officer at the deparment, said, “The assessment is a call to action for organizations and individuals across the state and will inform decisions about current and future health priorities.”
The report reinforces that while Coloradans as a whole are healthy and have a good quality of life, not everyone has the same opportunity to be healthy. Heath is largely influenced by available opportunities such as education, economic stability and where one lives due to access to recreation, healthy food and health care.
“Understanding the factors influencing the health and environment of Coloradans is the first step in determining needed improvements,” said Dr. Wolk.
The assessment is the result of a process that included input from a wide range of people and organizations across the state with a stake in shaping our health and environment. Over the next several months, Colorado will use this assessment to guide and inform development of the 2014 Public and Environmental Health Improvement Plan, required under Senate Bill 08-194.
For more information or if you would like to be involved in the upcoming statewide public and environmental health improvement planning efforts, contact the department’s Office of Planning and Partnerships at cdphe.edplanningandpartnerships@state.co.us.