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IRB Meeting and Protocol Submission Schedule

The CDPHE Institutional Review Board (IRB) will meet on the dates indicated in the table below. Please check with the IRB chair for date changes and meeting locations. The table also lists deadlines for scheduling and material submission.


It is advisable for all materials (that includes supporting documentation) to be submitted in advance of deadlines so that there is time for the Chair to provide preliminary feedback to the PI, and to determine if the protocol requires discussion during a board meeting.


The chair routes submitted (and finalized) protocol materials to IRB members 10 to 12 days prior to the meeting date.

IRB Meeting Month

PI notifies or schedules a meeting with IRB Chair All protocol materials due to IRB Chair IRB Meeting Date
 October 2013  Before September 1  September 13  October 2, 2013
 February 2014  Before January 1  January 17  February 5, 2014
 May 2014  Before April 1  April 18  May 7, 2014
 August 2014  Before July 1  July 18  August 6, 2014
 November 2014  Before October 1  October 17  November 5, 2014