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"C" Topics

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California Gulch/Yak Tunnel site summary

Camp George West / Green Mountain
Camp Hale Military Munitions Project

Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Chronic Pulmonary Disease Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment Program (CCPD)

Cancer Cluster Investigations

Captain Jack Mill

Cardiovascular Disease

Cars, emissions testing

Central City / Clear Creek Superfund Site

CERCLA / Superfund
Certificate of Designation (solid waste) Compliance Bulletin
Certificates: Birth, Death, Marriage, Civil Unions
Certifications, Permits, Notifications, and Registrations - Solid, Hazardous, Radiation

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)


Certification, Water and Wastewater


Water Operator

General Permitting


Cervical Cancer

Checklists, Hazardous Waste Generators


Management in Schools

Sales Company

Spills Reporting

Chemical Terrorism

Chemistry Laboratory
CHEMSWEEP Agricultural Chemical Disposal 
Chicken Pox  


and Adult Care Food Program

Abuse Prevention

Care Centers

Fatality Review Committee

Health Plan Plus (Low income health insurance program)  


and Adolescent Health Programs  

and Youth Prevention Efforts Statewide

with Special Needs, Health Care Program for (HCP)

Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) Control

Chronic Disease Prevention Branch 

Civil Unions 

Clandestine Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup

Classification of Water Facilities
Clean Air Attainment/Maintenance Plans for Communities
Clean Harbors Deer Trail Landfill
Clear Creek / Central City Superfund Site
Climate Change in Colorado
COHID (Colorado Health Information Dataset)


Board of Health

Commission on Children's Dental Health Report

Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement 

Environmental Public Health Tracking

Health Information Dataset (COHID)

Health Service Corps

Influenza and Pneumococcal Alert Coalition

Medication Take-Back Pilot Project

Open Records Act (CORA) Solid, Hazardous and Radiation

Physical Activity and Nutrition State Plan 2010

Physical Activity and Nutrition Program (COPAN)


Responds to Children with Special Needs

Retail Food Rules and Regulations

Soil Evaluation Values (CSEV)

Sponsored Prevention and Intervention Services for Children and Youth 

Water Plan

Women's Cancer Control Program (CWCCI)  


Air Quality Attainment/Maintenance Plans
Air Quality Protection
Community-Based Air Quality Protection Planning

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLS)

Fact Sheet

Mercury-Free Colorado Campaign

Complaints, Water Operator
Compliance Aids - Hazardous Waste Checklists, Labels and Signs
Compliance Assistance

Air Small Business Assistance Program

Hazardous Waste Generator Assistance Program

Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) / Superfund 

Computer Recycling and Disposal

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)
Congenital Anomalies
Consolidation Facility Guidance (for conditionally exempt small quantity generator and household hazardous waste)
Contagious Diseases
COPAN (Colorado Physical Activity and Nutrition Program) 

Corrective Action at...

Hazardous Waste Sites Guidance

Outdoor Shooting Ranges Guidance

Cotter Corp. Canon City Uranium Mill
Cotter Corp./Lincoln Park Site Summary 


Health Agencies

Nursing Services

Covenants, Environmental
Cremation, Burial Rules
CWCCI (Colorado Women's Cancer Control Program)