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Microbiology Laboratory

Microbiologist in Laboratory

The Public Health Microbiology Lab identifies single cell organisms that have a great impact on public health.


The laboratory provides a wide range of microbiological activities including testing specimens for:


  • The identification of microorganisms which may lead to communicable disease outbreaks.

Examples: E.coli 0157, Salmonella, Chlamydia trachomatis, and Shigella.

  • Diseases of public health significance which are too rare or unusual
  • to be identified by other laboratories.
  • Diseases which are prevalent in populations traditionally unwilling
  • to approach private medicine.
  • Agents that may be used in a bioterrorism event.

Laboratory results are rapidly reviewed by epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists and other public health decision makers.


The laboratory also serves as the State Reference Laboratory for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of communicable disease organisms, and supplies the CDC with isolates from infections with vaccine-preventable organisms.

The laboratory maintains a close relationship with the CDC by participating in CDC-headed projects and sending specimens to the CDC for confirmatory testing when necessary.


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