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Chemistry Laboratory

Chemist in Laboratory

The Chemistry Laboratory supports the Department by providing clients with field surveys, laboratory measurements, supporting information, and professional advice that can help them make educated decisions regarding public health or environmental protection.


Water Testing Fees



The Chemistry Laboratory is fully certified to analyze drinking water samples for compliance monitoring for a number of chemicals using approved testing methods. The link below provides a comprehensive list of chemicals for which the lab is certified to perform testing.




The Chemistry laboratorians test public drinking water, wastewater and air filters for compliance to published health standards for inorganic, organic and radiochemicals.


Compliance testing schedules, facility name, PWSID & sampling site numbers.


Order sample bottles for testing at the State Lab.

In addition to developing methods for analysis of toxins in foods under a cooperative agreement with the Food Emergency Response Network, the chemistry scientists perform analyses on bottled water, meat, sushi rice and canned goods for various chemicals and food safety indicators.

Several testing packages, based on groundwater testing results across the state, are available to meet your testing needs. Read more about well water testing or contact a chemistry representative for more information.

The broad range of analytical instrumentation available to the chemistry personnel can be used on a variety of matrices including soils and vegetation, unknown powders, paint chips and wipe samples.