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Environmental Testing

Lab Technician

The Chemistry and Environmental Microbiology laboratories perform tests on samples such as river and recreational bodies of water, factory effluents, air filters and soils to ensure that the environment is free from pollutants or harmful bacteria.

Environmental testing results support the monitoring and compliance efforts of department programs and fill the needs of private individuals and commercial customers.


Examples of environmental testing performed at the state lab are:

  • Testing flood waters for pesticide and fertilizer pollution.
  • Measuring chlorophyll levels to determine algae levels available
  • in lakes and streams to support plant and animal life.
  • Testing the environment for radioactive materials such as
  • strontium 89 and 90.
  • Measuring polyaromatic hydrocarbons in seafood, for monitoring
  • Gulf of Mexico samples to determine the effects of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.


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