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Water Testing


Water Testing

Water is tested by both the Chemistry and the Microbiology laboratories depending on the type of test needed.

Because there are so many tests offered and it may be difficult for private citizens to determine which tests are needed, the resources below will help you determine the tests you want to order.

If your drinking water is provided by a public water supplier, the quality of the drinking water is regulated. Water suppliers must routinely test and report their water. Contact the water utility company listed on your bill to request information about water test results.

You may choose to test your drinking water for certain substances, even if it is provided by a utility. Use the same guidance listed below for well-owners to determine which tests you need on your water.

Frequently asked questions "FAQs" about water testing with helpful responses


Testing Drinking Water for Lead:  NEW

Order Free Sampling Supplies 

Drinking Water: How to Collect Lead and/or Copper Samples pdf file  

A contact for the water testing laboratory is found on the FAQs page also to help you if these resources do not answer your questions.

Additional Resources 


Certified Safe Drinking Water Laboratories pdf file

 Visit our Water Testing Labs:

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Water Quality

Water Sampling Instructions


 Water Testing Fees