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2002 Cotter Mill Documents

Cotter Corporation Cañon City Uranium Mill documents for public review: 2002 reports, correspondence, and other documents regarding radioactive materials acceptance and processing are listed below.


The following 2002 documents are available on CD.



November 15 Lincoln Park Citizens' Update

October 15 Cotter Mill Natural Resource Damage Fund solicitation for project proposals dated October 15, 2002; available as reference for meeting on 11/26/2002 
October 15 Letter to Cotter: Maywood soils environmental assessment review            
October 10 Staff memorandum:  Criteria that apply to review of Maywood soils environmental assessment.

September 13 EPA to Radiation Services; follow-up to July 22, 2002 meeting

August 19
Letter from Cotter:  Resolution of technical matters to support receipt of radioactive materials
August 19 Cotter procedures for public comment: compilation of documents in .pdf format  

July 22 Memo to file:  Review of the pH in the primary impoundment
July 16 Letter to Cotter:  Li tungsten material acceptance and receipt
July 9 Letter to Cotter: Reply to compliance letter

June 18
Letter to Cotter:  Completeness and adequacy review for radioactive materials license 369-01, renewal application sections 1 through 5.2.4.
June 4 Letter to Colorado Citizens Against Toxic Waste

May 24 Letter to Fremont County: extension for time to comment
May 22 Letter from Cotter: response to Radiation Services notice of violation
May 3 Letter to Colorado Springs utility questions

April 22 Letter to Cotter: Notice of Violation


March 14   Radiation Services preliminary review of Cotter Corporation preliminary report
    Summary of Cotter's material acceptance report
    Detailed response to Cotter's materials acceptance report for the
           Maywood Material