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2003 Cotter Mill Documents

Cotter Corporation Cañon City Uranium Mill documents for public review: 2003 reports, correspondence, and other documents regarding radioactive materials acceptance and processing are listed below.


The following 2003 documents are available on CD.



December 26 Letter from Cotter: RE:  December 17, 2003 Department Correspondence Pertaining to the Review of Cotter Corporation's Request for Authorization of Maywood Soils, Allotment 1
December 22
Letter from Cotter: RE:  Pilot Process Test for Physical Processing of Hardened Yellowcake: RML 369-01 License Condition 16.1 Notification
Attachment A:  Canon City Mill Material Acceptance Report:  Hardened Yellowcake Material
Attachment B:  Work Plan Pilot Testing of Hardened Yellowcake Concentrates
December 22 Letter to Michael Stiel: Response to Questions on the RAP
December 19 Press Release:  Maywood Proposal to be Considered as Part of Cotter License Renewal (no longer available in electronic format)
December 17 Letter to Cotter: Request for  Authorization of Maywood Soils Allotment 1 for Receipt at the Cotter Corporation Canon City Mill
December 11
Letter to Sharyn Cunningham: Connection of the 1614 Grand Residence to the Canon City water supply.
Cotter License Renewal Hearing Transcript for 12/11/2003   
December 10 Letter from Cotter:  RE:  November 19, 2003 Department Correspondence Pertaining to the Departments Review of Cotter Corporation’s September 15, 2003 License Renewal Application and Accompanying Support Documents
Attachment A:  Cotter Responses to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's License Renewal Application Comments Dated November 19, 2003.
Attachment B: Chemical Impact on Humans
Letter to UAACOG: Draft Upper Arkansas Regional 203 Water Quality Plan

November 19
Letter to Cotter: Adequacy of Cotter License Renewal Application dated September 15, 2003
First licensing hearing (transcript)
November 5 Parking lot questions and answers

October 15 Completeness review for Cotter Corporation Canon City Milling Facility Radioactive Materials License Application dated September 15, 2003

August 28
Transmittal letter for Amendment 41 to Cotter's Canon City radioactive material license

July 25
Letter to Cotter: Regarding Amended Order
July 24
Results of Sampling for Plutonium, Uranium, Lead and Molybdenum in the Canon City Vicinity

June 17
Maywood Soils EA Supplemental Findings  Re: Socioeconomic Aspects and Impacts
Maywood Soils EA Supplemental Findings  Re: Transportation Aspects and Impacts
June 13
Letter to Cotter:  Request for Cotter comment on RPI socioeconomic analysis report.
June 10 Lincoln Park Citizens' Update

May 20
Letter to Colorado Citizens Against Toxic Waste:  
Responding to letters of April 15 and April 21, 2003 regarding the license conditions of Colorado Specific Radioactive Materials License 369-01 and related hearings

March 17
Letter to Cotter:  Notice of Inconsistency in Maximum Authorized Quantities

February 19
Radiation Management Program transmittal letter for License Amendment 40 Incorporating the letter as a requirement of the license; from Dave Butcher, Laboratory and Radiation Services Division Director; to Jim Cain, Radiation Safety Officer, Cotter Corporation
License Amendment 40  Spells out materials, maximum amounts for this license, references, and other details for operation of the mill
February 18
Letter from Cotter:  RE: administrative controls for accepting shipments of CERCLA site materials; meeting between Cotter, EPA, and CDPHE.
February 4
Letter from Cotter:  RE:  the Transportation and Demographic and Socioeconomic addenda to the Environmental Assessment (EA); response to RS letter of October 14, 2002.
Addendum regarding Transportation, Receipt, and Use of Maywood Soils at the Cañon City Milling Facility, update to the EA; response to RM letter of October 14, 2002
Addendum regarding Demographic and Socioeconomic impacts due to Cotter Corporation Receipt of  Maywood Material at the Cañon City Milling Facility, update to the  EA; response to RM letter of October 14, 2002.

January 29
Letter to Ken E. Brockman, Director, Division of Nuclear Materials Safety, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region IV
Response to NRC letter of December 6, 2002 listing six concerns regarding radioactive materials received at the Cañon City Milling Facility of Cotter Corporation, a State of Colorado licensee, from Sequoyah Fuels Corporation, an NRC licensee.  Attachments will be added at a future date.
January 6
Letter to Cotter:  Operations at mill now significantly address items of concern; suspension released.  These regulatory actions by the Department are independent of the EPA findings regarding the suitability of the site to receive materials from other Superfund sites under the “Offsite Rule.”
January 3
Letter from EPA to Cotter:  Details the unacceptability of five Proposed Units, and a 60-Day Notice of Unacceptability for impoundments previously found acceptable.  Also outlines appeal procedures.