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2005 Cotter Mill Documents

Cotter Corporation Cañon City Uranium Mill documents for public review: 2005 reports, correspondence, and other documents regarding radioactive materials acceptance and processing are listed below.


The following 2005 documents are available on CD




December 9 Letter to Cotter: Notice of Violation from Air Pollution Control Division
December 4 Letter to Cotter: Routine Inspection for Radioactive Materials License #369-01 

November 4 Letter to Cotter: Compliance Inspection Report

October 1 Letter to Cotter: Addendum 1 to Order on Consent Number 05-08-24-01

September 15 Report from US EPA  RE:  Review of Ground Water Data for the Cotter Uranium
Mill Site

August 31
Report from Cotter  2005 Update of the Mill Decommissioning and Tailings Reclamation Plan
August 24 Letter to Cotter: Order on Consent Number 05-08-24-01
August 24 Letter to  Cotter:  Notice of Violation 
August 9 Responses to R2 Letter Responses to Cotter comments.

July 22
Letter from Cotter  RE:  Status of Readiness and Other Pertinent Milling Facility Activities
July 15
Environmental and Occupational Performance Report, ALARA Review and Annual Report on Remedial Action Plan Activities for Calendar Year 2004 - Radioactive Materials License No. 369-01

June 27 Letter from RCA to CDPHE  RE:  Review of Cotter Laboratory Status Document
June 20
Letter from Cotter  RE: Rejection of AMAX R&D Center Soils for Receipt at the Canon City Milling Facility
June 20 Letter from Cotter  RE: Laboratory Modifications Status Report
June 16 Letter to Cotter  RE: Receipt of Calcium Fluoride
June 15
Letter to Cotter  RE: AMAX Research and Development Center East Parking Lot and Surrounding Soils
June 3
Fremont County Board of Commissioners Response to Proposal to Accept Material from AMAX Research and Development Site

May 31 Assessment of Potential Dose to Members of the Public from Materials Along Roads Near the Canon City Milling Facility
May 27 Proposed Plan for Old Ponds Area Fact Sheet  
May 23 Letter to Cotter  RE: Compliance Order
Compliance Order #05-05-23-01
May 18 Letter from Cotter  RE: Receipt of Calcium Fluoride
May 10 Letter to Cotter  RE: Cotter request to Continue Laboratory Operations for Certain Analytical Operations
May 6 Letter from Cotter  RE: Response to CDPHE 4/12/05 Notice of Violation Letter
Cotter Analaytical Laboratory Validation of Berthold LB770 Activity Reporting Units from Data Supplied in 4-27-2005 Letter to Mr. Tim Bonzer of CDPHE
ADU Sludge Plan Memo
May 5 Letter from RCA to CDPHE  RE: Validation of Cotter Evaluation of the Berthold LB-770 Gas Flow Proportional Counter Reported Activity Units 
May 3 Cotter rebuttal to Sentinel Consulting Services technical assessment (Technical Assessment, Waste Containment and Leak Detection Systems for Cotter Corporation Primary and Secondary Impoundments, Canon City, Colorado, December 2004)
Letter from Cotter  RE:  Canon City Milling Facility-RML 369-01, Amendment 42 Preliminary License Conditions 13.4, 29.2.5 and 29.2.7
Rebuttal Report
May 1 Cotter Mill Natural Resource Damage Fund Solicitation for Project Proposals Phase II May 2005

April 27 Letter from Cotter  RE:  Cotter Request to Continue Laboratory Operations for Certain Analytical Operations
April 12 Letter to Cotter Notice of Violation Letter - Radioactive Materials License #369-01,
April 5 Letter from Cotter  RE: Material Acceptance Report for AMAX Research and Development Center
April 1 Cotter/Maywood Letter  RE: Maywood Materials Allotment No. 1-March 9, 2005 Decision of Hearing Officer.

March 17 Feasibility Study for the Old Ponds Area
March 9 Cotter Maywood Decision
March 1 Letter From Cotter  RE: Colorado Radioactive Materials License 369-01-Canon City Milling Facility Occupational Dose Assessment-2003 

February 3
Letter to Cotter  RE: Reply to Notice of Violation, Radioactive Materials License #369-01
February 1
Letter from Cotter  RE: Request for Hearing on behalf of Cotter Corporation.  License Number 369-01-Canon City Milling Facility.

January 24
Letter  to Colorado Citizens Against Toxic Waste
January 7
Letter from Cotter  RE: Notice of Violation - Radioactive Materials License Number Colo. 369-01