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2007 Cotter Mill Documents

Cotter Corporation Cañon City Uranium Mill documents for public review: 2007 reports, correspondence, and other documents regarding radioactive materials acceptance and processing are listed below.


The following 2007 documents are available on CD.  




November 26 3rd Quarter 2007 Water Monitoring Report


October 24 Letter to Cotter: Closeout to Items 61-63, Compliance Order #05-05-23-01


September 27 Final Closure Report on Radiochemical Analytical Operations at the Cotter Analytical Laboratory 
Cover letter
Chapter 1   Review of Method and Procedure Control
Chapter 2   Review of Standards and Reagents Control
Chapter 3   Calibration of Laboratory Balances and Weights
Chapter 4   Calibration and Verification of Laboratory Pipettes
Chapter 5   Sample Preparation Operations
Chapter 6   Gross Alpha Measurements of Air Sample Filters and Soil Dusts
Chapter 7   Uranium Measurement by Laser Kinetic Phosphorescence
Chapter 8   Radiochemical Procedure for Radium-226/224, Isotopic Thorium, Isotopic Uranium, Polonium-210 and Lead-210
Chapter 9   Counting and Analysis of Radiochemistry Samples
Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Audit Items

August 29 Report from Cotter:  Semiannual Performance Objective Report
August 28 Report from Cotter:  Semiannual Effluent Report
August 23 2nd Quarter 2007 Water Monitoring Report

July 11 Termination of Order on Consent 07-13-06


June 29 Environmental and Occupational Performance Report, ALARA Review, and Annual Report on Remedial Action Plan Activities for Calendar Year 2006, Radioactive Materials License No. 369-01 

May 29 1st Quarter 2007 Water Monitoring Report
May 17 Old Ponds Area Source Removal Work Plan


March 29 Semi-annual Review of Well Permits Issued by the Colorado State Engineers Office
March 15 Air Pollution Control Division Construction Permit Modification 5
March 12 A2 Supplemental Report with Graphs for the Semiannual Performance Objective Report 2nd half 2006
March 1 4th Quarter 2006 Water Monitoring Report

February 8
Cotter Impoundment Monitoring Letter

January 5 Final Agency Order on Exceptions to License