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License Application

Energy Fuels Inc. Pinon Ridge Uranium Mill Application

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Volume 1

  • License Application

  • A1  Basic Engineering Report Selected Drawings - General Arrangements

  • A1  Basic Engineering Report Selected Drawings - Process Flows

  • A2  Geotechnical Design Recommendations

  • A3  Roadway Pavement Design Recommendations

  • A4  Site Drainage Analysis and Design Report


Volume 2

  • A5  Ore Stockpile Pad Design Report

  • A6  Tailings Cell Design Report

  • A7  Evaporation Pond Design Report

  • A8  Technical Specifications Revision A


Volume 3

  • B1  Construction Plan

  • B2  Facility Operating Plan

  • B3  Mine Operations Plan

  • C1  Socieoeconomics Baseline and Impact Analysis Report

  • D1  Soil Survey

  • D2  Vegetation Survey

  • D3  Wildlife Survey

  • D4  Biological Survey

  • D5  Ecological Screening of Raffinate Process Water


Volume 4

  • E1  Geologic Report

  • E2  Phase 2 Geotechnical Field and Laboratory Test Program


Volume 5

  • F1  Hydrogeologic Report

  • F2  Phase 3 Long Term Pumping Test Data Report

  • F3  Water Supply Evaluation

  • F4  Groundwater Monitoring Summary Report


Volume 6

  • G1  Baseline Surface Hydrology Modeling Report

  • G2  Surface Water Monitoring Summary Report


Volume 7

  • H1  Meteorology, Air Quality and Climatology Report


Volume 8

  • H2  Second Quarter 2009 Data Report for Ambient Air Monitoring

  • H3  Work Plan for Ambient Air Monitoring


Volume 9

  • I1  Baseline radiological Investigation Report


Volume 10

  • I2  Baseline Survey of Radionuclides in Animal Tissues


Volume 11

  • J1  Mill Health and Safety Plan

  • J2  Estimates of Radiation Doses to Members of the Public

  • J3  Radiological Exposure Pathways Report

  • J4  Risk Assessment Report


Volume 12

  • J5  Emergency Response Plan

  • J6  Operational Monitoring Plan

  • J7  Material Containment Plan

  • J8  Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC)


Volume 13

  • K1  Mill Decommissioning Plan

  • K2  Tailings Cell Closure Design Report

  • K3  Specifications for Closure and Reclamation of Mill Facilities

  • K4  Decommissioning and Reclamation Cost Estimate

  • L1  Water Rights and Well Permits

  • L2  Water and Wastewater Plan

  • L3  Wetland and Jurisdictional Determination

  • L4  Stormwater Management Plan


Volume 14

  • L5  Colorado Department of Transportation Permanent Access Permit and Traffic Study

  • L5  Colorado Department of Transportation Temporary Access Permit #507207

  • L6  Colorado Department of Transportation Access Design Submittal

  • L7  Special Use Permit

  • L8  Air Pollutant Emission Notice


Volume 15


Additional Materials