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2011 Cotter Mill Documents

Cotter Corporation Cañon City Uranium Mill documents for public review: 2011 reports, correspondence, and other documents regarding radioactive materials acceptance and processing are listed below. 


September 30 Letter from Cotter: Characterization of Uranium and Molybdenum Levels in Dam to Ditch Area Soils
September30 Letter from Cotter: 2011 Semiannual Effluent Report
September 30 Letter from Cotter: Semi-annual Performance Report - Laboratory and Quality Assurance Programs
September 30 Letter from Cotter: Soil Gas Sampling and Ground Water Sampling
September 28 Letter to Cotter: Tailings Reclamation Plan for the Primary and Secondary Impoundments Response
September 23 2nd Quarter 2011 Water Monitoring Report
Data                  Analysis
September 21 Letter to Cotter: July Completion Reports for Surety Offset Response
September 20 Letter to Cotter: SX and Uranium/Vanadium Product Building Demolition Delay Response
September 19 Letter to Cotter: Uranium/Vanadium Product Building Demolition Work Plan Response
September 17 Letter from Cotter: SX and Uranium/Vanadium Product Building Demolition Delay
September 15 Colorado Citizens Against ToxicWaste Comments on Cotter Lincoln Park Monitor Well Installation Plan
September 9 Letter to Cotter: Comprehensive Reclamation Plan and Strategy Summary Response
September 7 Letter from Cotter: Semi-Annual Review of Well Permits
September 7 Letter to Cotter: Appendix I to the Reclamation Plan, Dewatering Plan
September 6 Letter to Cotter: Appendix D of Reclamation Plan, Radon Emanation Model
September 2 EPA Comments on Cotter Lincoln Park Monitor Well Installation Plan
September 2 Radioactive Materials License 369-01 Amendment 53
September 2 Letter to Cotter: Department Response to Lincoln Park Monitor Well Installation Plan

July 29 Letter from Cotter: Response to Department Review of Soil Remediation Plan for Site Decommissioning
July 27 Letter from Cotter: TCE Soil Gas Survey, Source Area and Extent Investigation
July 25 Letter from Cotter: Suspension of Performance Objective PO D3
July 21 Letter from Cotter: Primary Impoundment Access Points for pH Measurements
July 19 Letter from Cotter: Reduction - Submission of Occupational Dose Reports
July 15

Environmental and Occupational Performance Report, ALARA Review, and Annual Report on Remedial Action Plan Activities for Calendar Year 2010, Radioactive Materials License No. 369-01 pdf file  

Table of Contents pdf file  

Introduction pdf file  

Community Summary pdf file  

Program and Project Summary pdf file  

Section 1: ALARA pdf file  

Section 2: QA and QC pdf file  

Section 3: Personnel and Facility Monitoring pdf file  

Section 4: Environmental Monitoring pdf file  

Section 5: Air Emissions pdf file   

Section: 6: Solids Management pdf file  

Section 7: Liquids Management pdf file  

Section 8: Miscellaneous pdf file  

Appendix A: Annual Land Use Status Report pdf file  

Appendix B: ALARA Independent Audit pdf file  

Appendix C: Water Quality Monitoring Report pdf file  

Appendix D: Estimates of Radiation Doses to Members of the Public pdf file  

Appendix E: Public Information Modules pdf file  


July 14 Surety Notice Proof of Publication
July 8 Letter to Cotter: Annual Surety Update Response
Comments received regarding financial assurance: