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2012 Cotter Mill Documents

Cotter Corporation Cañon City Uranium Mill documents for public review: 2012 reports, correspondence, and other documents regarding radioactive materials acceptance and processing are listed below. 



December 20        Letter To Cotter: Financial Assurance Review pdf file   

December 18        2012 Annual Notice to Well Owners pdf file   

December 13        Letter to Cotter: Area of Notification pdf file  

December 11        Letter to Cotter: Response to Semiannual Report pdf file    

December 6          Letter to Cotter: Request for More Information - Procedure Updates pdf file      




November 30       2012 Proposed Area of Notification pdf file  

                               Area of Notification Figures pdf file  

November 29      3rd Quarter Water Monitoring Report

                               Data pdf file         Analysis pdf file    

November 6       Tailings Impoundment Analysis pdf file

November 5       Letter from Cotter: Response to License Termination, Request for Information Letter of Sept. 13, 2012 pdf file   

November 2       Letter from Cotter: Notice of Violation September 28, 2012 for the Routine Inspection of August 15-16 pdf file




August 31           Soil Characterization Report pdf file

                                       Table 1 - Soil Constituents Characterized pdf file  

                                       Figure 1 - US EPA Lincoln Park NPL Area Map pdf file     

                                       2012 Gamma Exposure Survey pdf file     

                                       Figure 3 - Areas Sampled pdf file                                         


August 30          Letter from Cotter:  Semiannual Performance Report - Laboratory and Qualilty Assurance pdf file


August 30          Letter from Cotter:   2012 Semiannual Effluent Report pdf file  


August 29          2nd Quarter Water Monitioring Report

                                       Data pdf file                    Analysis pdf file