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Radiation Emergency Contact Information
303-877-9757 Radiation Management Emergency Cell Phone - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week


Name Telephone Title/Function
Jennifer Opila 303-692-3403

Unit Leader (Billing, General Licensing)

Linda Bartish 303-692-3420

Program Assistant                                          

Mark Dater 303-692-3457 Licensing and Inspection
Chas Etherton 303-692-3382 Licensing and Inspection
James Grice 303-692-3371 Licensing and Inspection (Licensing Lead)
Cheri Hall 303-692-3444 Licensing and Inspection
Phillip Peterson 303-692-3402 Licensing and Inspection
Carrie Romanchek 303-692-3431 Licensing and Inspection
Ed Stroud 303-692-3418 Inspection (Compliance Lead)


Name Telephone Title/Function
Brian Vamvakias 303-692-3427 Unit Leader
Christine Irving 303-692-3448 Compliance
Susan Guiet  (Lebron) 303-692-3433 MQSA Inspection
Tracey Luty 303-692-3446 MQSA Inspection
Erin Woodd 303-692-3443 Administration


Email: cdphe.hmxraycomments@state.co.us


Name Telephone Title/Function
Edgar Ethington 303-692-3438 Licensing and Inspection
Shiya Wang 303-692-3447 Licensing and Inspection


Name Telephone Title/Function
Chrystine Kelley 303-692-3442 Radon Program Coordinator


Name Telephone Title/Function
James Jarvis 303-692-3454 Regulations Lead
Robert Bruce 303-692-3319 Technician
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Name Telephone Title/Function
Steve Tarlton 303-692-3423 Radiation Program Manager