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Final 2005 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Hazardous Waste Permit Renewal

Table of Contents

Part I Standard Permit Conditions

Part II General Facility Conditions

Part III Storage in Containers

Part IV Storage in Tanks

Part V Storage and Treatment in Surface Impoundments

Part VI Disposal in Secure Cells

Part VII Ground Water Protection Program

Part VIII Corrective Action for Solid Waste Management Units

Attachment 1 Figures and Maps

Attachment 2 Waste Analysis Plan

Attachment 3 Inspection Plan

Attachment 4 Contingency Plan

Attachment 5 Personnel Training Plan

Attachment 6 Closure Plan and Closure Cost Estimate

Attachment 7 Post Closure Plan and Post Closure Cost Estimate

Attachment 8 Ground Water Sampling Plan

Attachment 9 Truck Wash Recycling System Operations

Attachment 10 Landfill Attachments

Attachment 10.1 Cell Specs

Attachment 10.2 Cell Drawings.

Attachment 10.3 Cell Quality Assurance

Attachment 11 Part A


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