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2010 Radioactive Materials License


License Condition Number 15 2010 Annual Report March 15, 2011



Renewal of Radioactive Materials License #1102-01 December 20, 2010 


Decision Analysis December 10, 2010
Documents Referenced by the Radioactive Materials License
Historical Documents Related to the Radioactive Materials License


15.WAC.01 Revision 6 Radioactive Materials Acceptance December 3, 2010


Response to Request for Additional Information Number 1 November 24, 2010


15.RPP.01 Revision 2 Radiation Protection Plan
15.RPP.03 Revision 2 Worker Radiation Protection Records
15.RPP.04 Revision 2 Individual and Area Dosimetry
15.RPP.05 Revision 2 Estimating Inhalation Doses
15.RPP.07 Revision 1 ALARA
15.RPP.08 Revision 1 Radiation Work Permits
15.WAC.01 Revision 5 Radioactive Materials Acceptance
15.WAC.02 Revision 2 Waste Tracking
15.WAC.03 Revision 1 Radiation Survey of Materials with Radium Scale
15.OPS.02 Revision 2 Contamination Control During Waste Treatment Activities
15.OPS.04 Revision 2 Operation of Alpha Beta Counter
15.OPS.05 Revision 2 Operation of Gate Monitor Detectors
15.OPS.07 Revision 1 Operation of Exposure / Dose Rate Meters
15.OPS.12 Revision 2 Personnel Contamination Surveys
15.OPS.13 Revision 2 Equipment and Vehicle Release Surveys
15.OPS.15 Revision 2 Air Monitoring for Radioactive Materials
15.OPS.15 Attachment 1 Air Monitor Weekly Inspection Form
15.OPS.15 Attachment 2 Air Monitor Filter Collection Form
15.OPS.15 Attachment 3 Air Filter Counting Form
15.OPS.18 Revision 1 Decontamination of Surfaces and Equipment
15.OPS.20 Revision 2 Handling of Liquids Containing Radioactive Materials
15.OPS.21 Revision 1 Package Receipt Surveys


Request for Authorization for the Use of the Canberra InSpector 1000 Digital Hand-Held Multi Channel Analyzer October 12, 2010


Request for Additional Information Number 1 September 22, 2010


Response to Compliance Inspection Dated June 30, 2010 July 29,2010


Radioactive Materials License Colo. 1102-1 Renewal Application May 31, 2010